Reviving Cecilia / Press

“Connie Hong’s vocals were the first ingredient that got my attention. Her pipes were solid, strong, and nestled in beautifully with the rest of the band.”

“And then my last stop of the weekend was for Reviving Cecilia, who I’m totally in love with. The core of their music is vocal harmony accompanied by piano for a lovely effect.”

“Truly a hidden gem in the Mile High City, it won’t be long until they become a household name amongst the Denver music scene.”

“The percussion is creative and irresistible. I admire that each song goes through an evolution of sorts, growing and flowing into almost a second track. It’s very unexpected and refreshing. Reviving Cecilia is not predictable.”

“Vocalists Ali Gossens and Connie Hong (also on the keys) have a wonderful understanding of melody and harmony.”

“Connie Hong and Ali Goosens' vocals complement each other perfectly, creating delicate yet unconventional harmonies. These girls don't miss a beat.”