“Metal Archives- Reverence is a Super Group that finally lived up to the hype. ”

“My Global Mind- In all honesty “When Darkness Calls” is one of the best metal albums I heard in quite a few years, one the hard working musicians involved have put every inch of energy into a full product and you can sense it through each song, they flow perfectly with utter emotion, melody, ear pounding sweat and vocal prowess. ”

My Global Mind

“Behind The Veil- This album is one of the most pleasant surprises for 2012!!! All the fans of classic heavy metal should check this out!! ”

Behind The Veil

“Metal Heart- I'd never recommend enough this "When Darkness Calls" to all fans od traditional hi-class heavy-power metal ”

Metal Heart

“Rock Report- “When Darkness Calls” breathes quality from start to finish. The songs are powerful and catchy and each band member shows what he’s capable of, without being selfish. Variety is the key word, so I can only add that the guys have accomplished their missio”

Rock Report

“Metal As Fuck- When Darkness Calls is full of little highlights like that that mean you really do have to give the album your full attention so as not to miss out on the plethora of audio treats waiting to be unwrapped. ”

Metal As Fuck

“Hard Rock Haven- From the opening title track to the final note struck on “Vengeance Is Mine” this is a 49-minute journey worthy of praise. Holland, Hall, Rossi, Wacholz and Kruckel reverence for metal has clearly delivered a sonic achievement that pays homage to the genres of; heavy, thrash and power, and delivers in all phases of execution. ”

Hard Rock Haven

“Rate Your Music- “When Darkness Calls” contains great bass work, wonderful guitar work, smashing drum work, amazing vocal work and chemistry teamwork, brought together in a tour through dark places and over Heavy Metal roads on a powerful motorcycle to make you feel the hot, the cold and wind rush by while riding the powerful steel horse touring the places where darkness calls. ”

Rate Your Music

“Uber Rock- When Darkness Calls' is an album I can see staying in my playlists for many years to come, it really grows from strength to strength with each listen. ”

Uber Rock

“Hevy Petal- Reverence stands for: piercing vocals, incessant guitar riffs and heavy drums.Reverence play, here they definitely stick to what they know best. ”

Hevy Petal

“Lords Of Metal- Every track on this record is a highlight on its own and are full of powerful, catchy riffs, ditto vocal lines, fantastic solos, and on both instrumental and vocal matters everything is just perfect.. ”

Lords Of Metal

“The Music Border- The whole album IS a MUST LISTEN! “When Darkness Calls” brings you the coolest vibes of the 80′s metal, but it sounds very up to date. ”

The Music Border

“Hey guys, congrats, you really ROCK!!! I grew up with classic power and thrash metal, and I think your band is exactly what was missing in the scene! I'm so glad I found you!!!”

Adrianna pernigoni - Facebook

“Top marks.. best album ive heard in awhile”

Jess Tilley - Facebook

“listening to to When Darkness Calls! It's amazing!”

Lynn Rittberg - Facebook

“I can't recommend this band enough...I'm absolutely obsessed with Reverence!! Old school....80s style power metal...it's completely insane how much I love this band!!! Holy fuck these guys have some hair...everything about this band is A+”

Metal Diva - Facebook


Heather Janis - Facebook

“The new video is great guys. Awesome tune.”

Jason Baygood - facebook

“Rocking out the new album from Reverence! Awesome so far!”

Steve Harvey - Facebook

“Power metal! And a US based band too! Album kicks ass guys!”

Mike Distanislao - Facebook

“Album is my most anticipated this year”

Mike Kramer - Facebook

“Love the style and vocals! Awesome!!! Best Liz :)”

dark beauty - Twitter

“You Fuckin rock!!”

Mrrocknroll - Twitter

“Old classic metal!”


“Heard the song tonight!!! Can't wait for the CD and tour!!! \m/ \m/”

Suzi Shutter - Facebook

“It can't come soon enough. \m/”

Bob Tilton - Facebook

“Great promo! Spring can't get here fast”

Chris - Facebook

“To be honest I just can't fuckin' wait to get my hands on the CD as soon as it is released.”

Udo Sapper - Facebook

“This will be an epic album. I can't wait for it to come out!”

Jerry Eisener - Facebook

“The music is rockin guys.”

Grady - Fackbook


Jerry - Facebook

“this is bad ASS................”

Lisa - Fackbook

“I can't wait to seeing you play live. Great music.”

Bob - Facebook

“glad to hear you are going in the studio soon.”

Ruth - Facebook

“this band is going to be awesome. Seen Savatage in the late 80's, Jack Starr on CIIC fest and Tokyo Blade at KIT fest. All great shows. ”


“This is awesome news.”

Rodney - Blabbermouth

“Looking forward to hearing more.”

Metal Madman - blabbermouth

“Nice to hear "Dr Killdrums" again!”

Roitact666 - Blabbermouth

“finally something to look forward to”


“finally something to look forward to.”


“The song clips sound fantastic!! Should be a great lineup.”


“Reverence is kicking ass in my opinion.”

Heavymetalrider - Blabbermouth

“A DEMO????? There's no way that was just a demo! WOW! If anyone hasn't heard these guys yet jump over the their reverbnation site and give it a listen.”

“You guys are awesome. Thanks for sharing your kickass music!”

Jennifer Leigh - Facebook

“New Blood Always Good. Nice Sound!”

Metallica-Megadeth-RadioMix-With-80s-90s-Classic-M - Facebook

“dig your soung big time, nice to hear Doc. Wacholz playing!”

daniel - Twitter


andraes - Facebook

“Top notch metal! Can't wait for the official release!”

Eric Janetsky - Facebook

“wow, this rocks!”

Dee Jay Mad Mike - Facebook

“I cant wait for a c.d.!!!!”

Ashleigh - Facebook

“It has that mid 80s sound, back when metal was more than music but another world I could escape to”

“Right then...I get to interview Bryan Holland. He just formed a new group called REVERENCE. He did some serious touring and road time with Tokyo Blade. Now..I listened to some of the TB stuff..the guitars are good because Bryan is playing. However, I will be featuring his latest NEWEST hit with REVERENCE as well as having a bit of a chat about his playing...Gang...THIS guy is good too! The interview starts at 4:15pm on Saturday. For the record, his new stuff is WAY better than TB! You will enjoy it!”

Eric Brown - KTEC Radio

“love this!”

Doug - Facebook

“slammin' pete!!!”

Larry - Facebook

“Love the VOICE !!!!!!!”


“I love this...Reverence Rocks :)”

Karen - Facebook

“i mis real.. raw.. metal good to hear it again .. it was perfect!!”

robert - facebook

“holy crap that was powerful!!!!wow that kicked ass”

Robert - Facebook

“True metal!!”

Nick - Facebook

“I just can't wait to get this cd.”

lisa - Facebook

“This is SWEET!!”

Barry - Facebook

“ listenin' now to Reverence rough tracks... that's what I call POWER METAL!!! can't wait to hear the definitive version!!!”

Alessio Aondio - Facebook

“Woo, what a coool band!!!!! you fucking jam!!! ”

Tommy - Myspace

“Hey you guys are really good. I love the vocals. Very listenable. Nice job. ”

Kyle - Myspace

“Total, unbridled rock/metal! Who say's Detroit doesn't rock anymore? You just proved it does. Thanks guys and see you soon.”

MJ - myspace

“Rock it On.. REVERENCE!”

Vince - myspace

“Hi there guys you rock! We've just became fan of yours.”

Phase Reverse - Reverbnation

“you have a space on my radio show! ”


“Can t wait to hear some more new songs!!! You rock and your welcome in my world!!! ”

Greg - Myspace

“Sounds really good,man !!”

Kevin Brady - Facebook


Karlarge King - Myspace

“Nice sounding metal ,rock on ..\m/”

Djordje - myspace

“Wow, I'm blown away, really looking forward to this release!!”


“Great Rock'n Metal !”

Créa from France - myspace

“I listened to your songs and I loved ‘em!”

Andrew - MAYHEM STUDIOS - Myspace

“Cool music...I like it!!!!!”

Queen of the Masquerade - Myspace

“Really Like the rough demos very metal \m/”

Kevin Nelson - Facebook

“Finally music I like”

Metal Dad - Myspace

“The Sound is really Great”

Corinne - Myspace

“Bringing great metal back, Stay Metal!”

Thomas - myspace

“Great music, can't wait to hear more of it!!”

wee dancer - myspace

“Like the new songs, Very Heavy.”

Barry - Facebook

“Your song rocks!!”

ex-superior - myspace

“Awesome demo guys. Yall are playing some real heavy metal. ”

Cliff em all - Myspace

“Awesome music!!”

Sheridan - myspace

“I can't wait to see you guys on tour next year!!”

“Classic metal, sounds great!”

“Epic solo in Vengeance is Mine”


“You guys truly rock!”

“Love your new singer!!! Sound's like Ronnie James Dio!”

“Cool! Can't wait to hear more!”

“Checked out the new demo's, Excellent Stuff!, Bryan's playing is unreal!”

“Great Sound, Shredding Guitar and Crushing high pitch Vox!!”

“Can't wait til the new album!”

“Great Soaring Vocals!”

“You got some Kick Ass Tunes Man!!!”