The Revenants / Press

"With much of the mid-'90s punk scene just a noisy memory, The Revenants remain loud and proud"

“WOW! Something new in horror rock! I know, you don't believe me, but it's totally true.”

“Hand Of Midnight isn't your typical Horror album, not in the least. I don't think there's a single moment in it where you could really pin them into today's current Horror scene.”

“The first track on this CD, "Black Hearted Jade" is the best I've heard from The Revenants! It's superbly polished, gothic punk thrash that kicks ass!”

“If you want something the likes of which you've never heard before, Hand Of Midnight is your ticket to the melancholic world of The Revenants. A world, which this reviewer hopes, will expand with more releases in the very near future. ”