Revelus / Press

“Just saw this band in Hagerstown, MD and they r amazing!!!!!!”

Ann Roberts-Wiles - Valued Comments from Fans

“You guys have a new fan, y'all tore it up in Hagerstown on Saturday! Come to the Baltimore area!”

Dan Puziss - Valued Comments from Fans

“Thanks for coming!!! We enjoyed seeing you. Yes~~the crowd dug your music. How about coming back to Hard Times Cafe again real”

Lisa Runk - Valued Comments from Fans

“It was an awesome performance. I loved it. I now have my Revelus shirt n CD. I plan on attending more shows.”

Lysa Packard - Valued Com nets fromFans

“Revelus was great, performed a helluva set and I, and many others in attendance last night, want to see more of them in our area.”

Jere Perry - Valued Comments from Fans

“You all did a great job Rick ! It was great to meet you all. Thank you for making the trip to Hagerstown, Maryland.”

John Hovanec - Valued Comments from Fans

“U guys were awesome and it was nice to meet u guys lol”

Aaron Tenney - Valued Comments from Fans

“First time seeing you guys. I was blown away. I will definitly see you guys again. Rock on Revelus.”

Christopher White - Valued Comment from Fans

“REVELUS started the Night off & Damn - they Kicked some serious ASS!!! Last time I saw them, They Opened for Sebastian Bach at the Red Hat Ampitheatre in down town Raleigh. They are slammin'!! I was also lucky enough to be able to pick up Their Brand New CD - Path of Persistence - and it is Killer!!!”

Keith Reynolds - Valued Comments from Fans

“As I said before Rick you have the voice , and the words you write are awesome. You will be on the other side soon, look forward to seeing you there, take care, and hope to see ya soon.”

Laurie Wilkins Stancil - Valued Comments from Fans

“All I can say is, an incredible show tonight with a band I've been wanting to see for a long time, and they delivered BIG TIME! A show packed full of original material, and a cover of AC/DC's Sin City, that put the original to shame, REVELUS rocked the walls down @ The Black Flower, playing to a packed house, and proving why they're a band that needs to be seen live. It was definitely worth the trip to Raleigh. REVELUS, I give that performance 2 thumbs up, and a 10.0 !!!!!!!”

Gary Carota - Valued Comments from Fans

“Hey guys, Just listened to "The Best" & "Are You Alone". I am diggin' it. Message me with an email address to send a music submission packet to. I am launching my online radio station dedicated 24/7 to unsigned rock. Would like to see you in the initial lineup. Keep Rockin - Shawn”

Shawn Davis - Valued Comments from Fans

“WOW, first time I've listened to you guys tonight on reverbnation, and I'm blown away....solid sound, you should be mainstream! Got a CD, cause I'd rock in my car anytime....”

Gary Carota - Valued Comments from Fans

“Loved these tracks keep up the awesome work! Sounds better than most anything on the radio! See you at the next show!”

The Revolvers - Valued Comments from Fans

“I love The Way. I wish I could have seen you guys at Rocktober Fest. Im kicking myself. Im sure we will have another opportunity.”

Chrystal McConnell - Valued Comments from Fans

“I originally started writing this comment with what my favorite songs were, but ended up listing pretty much all of them for different reasons! You guys are SO SICK! And for everyone else checking them out, they put on a killer LIVE SHOW! You almost think you're listening to the album with how perfect they sound while throwing themselves around. Just crazy! Can't wait for tomorrow night's show!! :)”

Jamy - Valued Comments from Fans

“I'm thrilled to have found your music! Excellent playlist top-to-bottom, extra tight performances throughout. Wishing you much success”

Jeffro Bodeen - Valued Comments from Fans

“Awesome band! Tight vocals!”

Eardetainment Ent. - Valued Comments from Fans

“You guys have an awesome sound - and obviously a great following (sick vocals).”

James Johnson (The Fayetteville Feed Magazine) - Valued Comments from Fans

“I really like the style and vibe you guys have. Rick's voice really works with the music, and that's usually the biggest problem for bands is not having a front man who stands out.”

Canon O'Briant (Last Chance Studios) Raleigh NC - Valued Comments from Fans

“you guys are AWESOME. i need to load ur music on my mp3 player so i can listen to it while i work out. you guys are really fucking GREATTT!! Can't wait til the next show!!!!”

Seth Schafferman - Valued Comments from Fans

“Nice job on Sat night guys! Sounded great!”

Joe Verga - Valued Comments from Fans

“Ready to hear some Revelus live in Indiana, or I'm gonna have to take a road trip to NC. Either or you guy's ROCK can't wait till Cd comes out gotta have one.”

Shane Mills - Valued Comments from Fans

“you guys fuckin' ROCKED!! can't wait to see you again!! ♥”

Jessica Ogus - Valued Comments from Fans


Seth Schafferman - Valued Comments from Fans


Angie Hurley - Valued Comments from Fans

“Send Alaska some t shirts and i will rock them for sure. I'm one of the girls who is always showing people amazing new rock bands to get into so you should def keep doing what your doing cuz you guys kick some ass...”

Breanna Ernest - Valued Comments from Fans

“you guys are awesome keep up the good work i'm sure you will get signed love the music”

Matthew Wood - Valued Comments from Fans

“good shit guys <333333”

Trevoo - Valued Comments from Fans

“Solid sound, good vocals, Rock On!”

J.I.L. - Valued Comments from Fans


Davida Smith - Valued Comments from Fans

“Good stuff guys! Sounds like you are already on your way to the top of the charts! Wishing you all the best in your musical Journey...”

Justin Blomgren - Valued Comments from Fans

“Hey Guys! I haven't talked to you in awhile. So I just wanted to stop by and see how everything is going. I can't wait for what's in store for Revelus. You Guys Rock!!!”

Brian - Valued Comments from Fans

“Sounds good boys.. nice n heavy... I like it.. cheers.”

Mystic Kick - Valued Comments from Fans

“Hey Rick! Thanks for the Update! your Right The New songs ROCK! Decoy,,Very very Good! Cheers MIKE Band Room Rehearsal studios”

Mike - Valued Comments from Fans

“yall got some good music i like the first one.”

Slugga Black - Valued Comments from Fans

“your music sounds pretty good, i like the acoustic”

n/a - Valued Comments from Fans

“i'd have to say i like it all. very nice”

Alicia Anderson - Valued Comments from Fans

“Remember don’t let anyone steel your dreams you’re a winner! You guys Rock!”

Rob Carbone - Valued Comments from Fans

“I honestly have to say, You guys freaking rock. Awesome sound, even for an acoustic track.”

Darren Marley - Valued Comments from Fans

“music sounds good keep up the good work guys.”

Chris Kelley - Valued Comments from Fans

“music sounds great!”

Kristan Pollard - Valued Comments from Fans

“yalls music is awesome”

Amanda Bullock - Valued Comments from Fans

“i like it. you guys sound pretty cool”

Heartless - Valued Comments from Fans

“You are most welcome and I look forward to hearing more from you guys!”

Christie Kelley - Valued Comments from Fans

“Two words for you...KICK ASS!!!! I love it and I cant wait til you get some new stuff up! I'm adding you guys RIGHT NOW!”

Meaghin - Valued Comments from Fans

“Hope to see your songs make a hit soon. good luck”

B. Rich - Valued Comments from Fans


Kelly - Valued Comments from Fans

“man im so pumped for you guys. i see more than a new band just poppin up like the norm. somethings gonna happen. signed or unsigned, recognized by many or by few, you guys are gonna do somthin great.”

Justin Cavenaugh - Valued Comments from Fans

“Can't wait to see you guys live! You have the most awesome bass player I know that! <3”

Jessica - Valued Comments from Fans

“Dude! This is some f*cking great music.”

James Runyon - Valued Comments from Fans

“Wow, how bout that acoustic shit. Hellyeah!”

I r Ape-zilla... - Valued Comments from Fans

“lets get real!!! this band is great!!next big thing!! hard to find killer music like this!!!.............vam”

Vam Doozy - Valued Comments from Fans

“Dude, this music is sick! No offense or anything but this band is better than all of your other band you've been in.You guys are awesome Rick.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(::(:This is the band your gonna get a label with. I can tell already.”

Matthew Sterling - Valued Comments from Fans

“Hey guys, thanks for the add!! Come on down and play a show sometime. Your band sounds good.”

Italian Girl - Valued Comments from Fans

“Thank you for the invite will try to be there and thanks for the friendship. Great tunes you have. Thanks again Cheryl”

Cheryl - Valued Comments from Fans

“What up Guys? this is Robin.. hey i will be stopping in on raleigh sometime before the end of the year .. hope to get up with you guys to here some of your music. sound Hot!! good seeing you guys still involve in the music scene in raleigh. Rock & Peace ”

Driving Force Entertainment - Valued Comments from Fans

“Hey Guys, I saw you on StilrizE's page. So I thought I'd check you out and WOW! You guys are GREAT! Anyway, Hope you get some songs up soon that I can add to my playlist. Untill then...Keep On Rockin'!”

Brian - Valued Comments from Fans

“Hey. I love your music so much you need to play at Chocolate Park. love ya”

Terry - Valued Comments from Fans

“Your music is fucking great =)”

“you sound awesome! keep up the way you are!”

“WOW!!! Your music is great...love it! Keep on rockin'!!! Peace, Wynette”

“I love your sound! I love your page! and all of you are hot as hell! {{{hugs}}} xoxo”

“Your music sounds awesome. its boring in austria ;-) greets ”

“This is an excellent band; amazing sound/harmony and guitar; like Layne Stayley, Alice in Chains.”

“Hey Guys! Just wanted to stop by and tell ya good morning! And I think you guys should come play here in DETROIT!! lol Well have a good one! and Take care, ”

“Hey Guys I think your New hit Sounds Kick ASS really like it!!! Thanks for Keepin me updated ... You fella's have One hell Of a Sound!!! Almost a modern style Alice in Chains mixed with some POM!!! Keep up the good Work & Keep Rockin Have a good One!”

“Cant wait till you make it out to the west coast!”

“I am so proud of you all - BREAK A LEG!!!!!!!”

“wow you guys rock and actually talk about crap that matters in your music and lyrics? different? yes! thank God you guys are awesome”

“Hey guys i went and added ya Awesome music keep it up ... i wish you guys all the best!”

“Hey guys. I added you to my favs. Keep up the great work, YOUR GOIN BIG!!! LOL.”

“Thanks so much for adding me, and thanks for the comment, i'm so glad to be your friend!!! Loving your music, stay in touch!! ”

“You ROCK!!!!!!!”

“great music guys perhaps make it so we can add the songs to our profiles they may be demos but there great!!”

“Hey guys! Rick, good to see you back. Man it's been awhile since I've heard from you. Glad to see you back and thank you guys for requesting me as your friend. Keep the music going and the hearts pumping. Best of luck with your guys' success... You will get signed!”

“Sounds good bro! Keep in touch, and good luck with everything! ”

“Sounding good! Joey, let me know when you guys play so I can come see you live!”

“wow fuckin awesome shit!!! you guys are gonna get signed!!! keep up the good work!!!”

“i really like the music a lot and hoping to hear more of it soon”

“yall sound great..”

“Your music rocks my socks. lol You guys are gonna do great!!!”

“Anytime, anywhere I'll be there, you know that.”

“I am a huge fan of the drummer!!!!!!”

“Hey Guyz! Decoy is AWESOME! Truly Fresh new sound! LOVE IT !! I See great things ahead for you! Keep Kickin' em out!”

“you guys are fucking awesome! i love your lyrics, cant wait to hear more!”

“Love the new song Decoy man. Awesome kick ass song. Great vocals, lyrics and rhythm.Keep the tunes coming. There great. Powerful. ”

“Hey Rick!!! Your new band rocks my friend!!! Looking forward to supporting you in as many ways as I can!! ”