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“Album closer “Say” features hard rock chords over jazz rhythms, making it an intriguing listen for rock fans and music theory aficionados alike. Meanwhile, “Wailo” features tricky vocal rhythms over a dark tone set by the song’s bass intro, and is among REVEL 9’s finest work so far.”

“After listening through “The Reality Crush,” it is easy to understand just why REVEL 9 has an increasing number of hard rock fans excited. Their music is equal parts catchy and aggressive, and “The Reality Crush” establishes them further as a band with the power and ability to appeal to the masses.”

“Pearlman combines thoughtful lyrics, good vocal range and pointed delivery, making him a force to be reckoned with on “The Reality Crush.””

“Revel 9 is one of those artists that seem to get better as the years go by. Here they are with a moving single that fits more into a mainstream picture. The song has nods to 90’s Alternative music and stays fresh as well. With great vocals, deep punching music and even a sweet guitar solo I am sold! If this is any indication of what we’re in store for when a new album or EP comes along, these hard rockers will definitely impress old and new fans alike!”

Daniel C. Morrison – CEO/Founder - Hip Rock Magazine

“Superb modern rock band with great lyrics and great music reminds us of Seether, 3 Doors Down, Hurt etc. Lyrically and vocally second to none and a real pleasure to listen to we are loving these guys a lot.”

“Cover Story”

“6 songs fill up this EP and although the first 2 are subtle jabs the rest are straight hooks to the jaw and kicks to the groin. I love the intensity and it helps that they are humble people. Even if they weren’t the delivery on “The Razorblade Diaries” is amazing. I turn the volume up to a 9 on this stellar offering by Revel 9.”

“The intensity of opener “San Jose” is palpable and Pearlman impresses with his perfect rock vocal tone and blistering guitar licks. If anyone can bring back the guitar solo, it could be DJ Pearlman.”

“[T]his is the breakthrough, the smash through, the kick against the barriers, the kick against the past. This is the new now, the future, the way the music will be.”


"Overall, this EP gets a solid A. Die-hard fans of Van Halen (David Lee Roth version; specifically those that likethe song "I'll Wait" will really like "Lay My Head."), Tonic, Hole, Collective Soul, Hinder, A Perfect Circle and that crunchy alternative rock sound will enjoy Revel 9 and their EP The Razorblade Diaries."

“There's fine riffage and a really kicky rhythm section. Just a hint of that post-grunge crunchiness, too. Haven't heard anything like this in a while, which reminds me that I should.”

“The type of rock that Revel 9 immediately hit their listeners with has the immediate catchiness to be present on rock radio, while the overall sound of Revel 9 touches upon a number of different rock styles. Particularly noticeable during “San Jose” has to be the guitar work, which lifts the track to an entirely new plateau. The band marries together a much grittier feel with a punk style that will have listeners singing along after only a few listens. The band wears their emotions on their sleeve, and dictates how each of the tracks on “The Razorblade Diaries” goes through guitar riffs and drum lines.”

“Revel 9 is in the building! They offer up an appealing sound that is bound to catch on like crazy! You owe it to yourself to check out Long Island’s own Revel 9 and their debut release ‘The Razorblade Diaries’. The diary has just begun and so I can’t wait to see what they add to it next!”

“Long Island, New York four-piece rock outfit [REVEL 9] gained a member, changed its band name and [is] releasing a stunning start to its next chapter. ”

“Great Music, Great Guys, Great Vibe, not afraid to take their original music to the edge, my kinda band.”

Karl BigDaddy Reamer - Act1Entertainment.Net

“REVEL 9 spent the last couple of months of 2009 sequestered away in local recording studios working on their first full-length record in 4 years. The highly anticipated record from the hard rock trio, tentatively called “The Razorblade Diaries” – the chronicles of a modern day twenty-something and his descent into madness following the loss of the girl he loves, had been expected to be released at the end of February, and plans were already in the works for an all-out, Hollywood-style album release party in March. However, as is oft to happen in this business, things have not gone quite as planned, but this time it looks like it’s for the better.”

“The advance promotion of the record done by the band, in their highly visible performances across the northeast, and the remarkable amount of support from area radio stations (triple-A, college and internet radio giants like M3 and Head Case) afforded the band a unique amount of exposure and buzz for a product that hadn’t even been started yet. And it was just that sort of exposure that caught the attention of the bands new producer. It was an in-studio performance at a regional radio station of the band’s usual opener, and expected single, “San Jose” that sealed the deal. According to the band, “We had just finished tracking the entire record when we sat down with our producer and he told us that there was no way that this song shouldn’t be a hit –that this could actually break us. And that wasn’t something we were about to walk away from.””

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