Reveeler / Press

“Kendra@983​thesnake.co​m: You will be on Repeat It Or Delete It during WEEK 17: (Wednesday, November 7th) Reveeler - "Virtual Reality" The best day for me to record (either in-studio or via phone) an interview with your band is on Monday,”

Kendra - 98.3FM The Snake

"Definitely not a reggae band...from Ogden...Christy's 'KAOS Local Metal Pick of the Week': REVEELER!"

"Memorable lead guitar...a thick dose of plentiful bass guitar, the vocals full of staunch emotion and power, REVEELER deliver crunchy, thrashy, and full-on classic metal shredding...Bring on the full-length.

"REVEELER are an adventurous band with huge potential that defies any rock scene. The tunes are psychedelic, technical, and you'll find something new with every listen."