REVAMP / Press

“Floor is back!!, and she is back with a vengeance. Two years have passed since After Forever went caput, and ever since the announcement of ReVamp was made, people were expecting nothing less than a great release from Floor. ReVamp’s self-title debut is nothing short of what ever people expected from this all-star project.”

“There is a reason that the proclaimed "master of the chords" decided not to call it quits with her singing career as she has one of the most beautiful voices that I have heard from this genre. ReVamp's debut album on Nuclear Blast will have previous fans screaming for more. ”

““…those who are patient enough to listen to ReVamp three or four times or at least long enough to put the After Forever comparisons aside will find the album to be worthwhile..””

““ReVamp should satisfy After Forever loyalists and will appeal to gothic/symphonic metal fans in general.””

“The Top 5 MP3s in Floor Jansen’s iPod right now!”