Resurrecting Judas / Press

“.....Vast Realms of Chaos Incarnate for Sevared Records, an impressive slab of tech death nastiness complete with artwork straight out of the Arise playbook. ”

“Contact Jason for Booking. revwordscum@hotmail.com 661-510-3350”

“This EP Right Here Folks Is A Fucking Beast!!! 100% HIGHLY FUCKING RECOMMENDED!!!”

“Brooding with a heavy tone, RESURRECTING JUDAS’s 2011 release, “Vast Realms of Chaos Incarnate” is one of the better Brutal Death Metal albums to come out this year. Although they strictly remain within the confines of the genre, their non-stop bashing should not be overlooked. Retching vocals and pounding beats that never relent to a melodic whimper, “Vast Realms of Chaos Incarnate” won’t disappoint anyone searching for sheer brutality.”

“This is a young tech deathy band out of California. Insane speed, tons of solid technical riffage done Cryptopsy style, and some audible bass, hurrah. My one complaint is the mid range core-ish influence in the vocals that becomes very repetitive and searing after a few songs. Maybe its just me, maybe its just in the mix, who knows. Either way, I have a feeling that these guys may just become one of the genre's elite forces. This is definitely one worth checking out for yourselves.”

“A very promising debut EP from this California quartet. Imagine a crossbreed of Suffocation and Necrophagist and you’ll get a solid idea of what these miscreant lads set out to accomplish with this sensory mindfuck. Jabbing, brutal riffs permeate the frantic blasting and amphetamine-aided vocal patterns courtesy of the brothers Pisarczyk (Jason on sticks, Jesse on esophagus). But Vast Realms… isn’t all high-speed ear canal rape amidst a backdrop of nonstop machine gun fire. They know exactly when to inject a pit riff, or something dazzlingly technical. I would call it standard Sevared fare, but I think it’s actually a league or two above that. Musical talent and use of dynamics notwithstanding. It is done extremely well and in a year lacking in quality Metal of Death output. The intelligent barbarian vibe of the EP, in addition to the aforementioned short length, makes this feel like one kick ass standout cut all its own. ”

“Min of meer uit het niets komt Resurrecting Judas en dat is vaak niet de ideale manier om de ogen echt op je gericht te krijgen. Dat zou best jammer zijn, want Vast Realms Of Chaos Incarnate is sterk genoeg. Met een muzikale aanpak die hedendaagse technische bruutheid mengt met de feeling van een band als Immolation, zij het op subtiele wijze. De vijf songs op deze EP zijn overtuigend en afwisselend. Niet alleen ten opzichte van elkaar, maar ook de individuele nummers hebben genoeg dynamiek om onderhoudend te zijn. En dat is Resurrecting Judas zeer zeker, want de slammende gedeeltes worden vaak ondersteund door goede gitaarriffs die het geheel een behoorlijk eigen draai geven, waarmee de band enorm volwassen voor de dag komt. De manier waarop de band invloeden uit allerlei hoeken van het hedendaagse death metal geluid samensmeedt tot een eigen geluid - waarbij techniek, bruutheid en goede songs prima samengaan - verdient waardering. Sterk plaatje!”