Restrayned / Press

“A real great sound that rivals the greats! If you like great vocals and Metal then you'll like "A Dark New Day"!”

B. Overly - SRRocks.com

“[Restrayned's] tunes are quite impressive, a bit like Dokken with balls”

Jeff Scott Soto

“Restrayned has to be the best band that I found in the last few months. I find a lot of good bands to play but something really stands out about their songs. A fresh sound. I get a lot of songs to review that sound like every other band. Restrayned is like a breath of fresh air. Yes, their are still some very good new bands. Restranyed is one of them. ”

“Straight forward sound that is clear and easy on the ear. Makes you want to rock!”

Bernard Overly - www.SRrocks.com

“Good musicianship, good tunes and overall vibe!”

Jeff Scott Soto

“Restrayned's sound is a nod to the old-school heavy metal that first inspired them... It reflects the twin influences of melodic metal from the 80s (think Queensryche), and the hard-hitting, straight-up heavy metal (like Slayer).”

"Songs are strong and the band has a great instrumental sound..."

David Sherbow