Restless Habs / Press

“Restless Habs are a punk band from Cleveland, Ohio. And their sound is definitely entrenched in the wall of guitar, thunderous drums and dirty/clean co-vocalists styling so many bands from that area have come to be known for. Their latest EP No Way to Hide Your Tracks is everything you’d expect from that genre, which has come to be known as “orgcore.” One of the biggest successes on this album is the track “Ragged” ... The guitars are always in your face, but never sacrifices moving the song forward for the sake of being loud, something that some bands are all too willing to do. The band plays to this strength throughout the rest of the EP... These guys are definitely a band I would want to checkout live...”

“Restless Habs come out swinging on this one. “B-Ware” wastes no time kicking in to its driving riffs and vocals. ... This song reminds me of Hot Water Music, and that’s one of the highest compliments I could give any band.”

“... Restless Habs ... are a seasoned crew that took their years of band experience and constructed a bulletproof sonic machine. “No Way To Hide Your Tracks,” their fourth self-produced EP release, is a relentless dose of Midwest / Great Lakes rock, with hook-laden power chords and high energy that doesn’t let up. Starting off with the roaring barrage of “Ragged” and straight through into “Bully For You”, each song is smothered in heavy pop-punk chords that recall of the focused rhythmic strumming of Bob Mould and Hüsker Dü. They attack all five tracks with solid intensity that leaves little room to catch your breath. ...“B-Ware,” is a distorted, hard-hitting triumph that still finds space in the bridge for a catchy single string solo flowing over the steady bass and rumbling floor tom breakdown. Every song is a great example of Peter and Ken’s solid ability to craft furious guitar hooks and vigorous vocal harmonies into superb radio-ready anthems.”

“As it stands, this EP is a robust introduction to a new band that will hopefully go from strength to strength and win over the ears of those who enjoy something just a little bit off the normal pop-punk beaten path.”

“Cleveland Ohio’s RESTLESS HABS consider its EP to be a 10" with five tracks! That’s cool though as the band is the other highlight. It includes ex-members of THE UNKNOWN, although the HABS is a tad more disjointed and discordant. ‘Finally’ is a contorted cracker of a track and provides the disc highlight.”

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