Restless Breed / Press

“Thanks to the guys from Restless Breed for sending us their new Ep Enter The Sun that they've just released.. Freshface approved ..Its like a really good. psychadelic tornado with enough groove to keep the chicks shakin their a$$ while you watch the wood paneling in the basement melt .. The music reminds me a litte of what Serena Maneesh does....whom i f'ng love. These guys are doing their best at making Kansas City, Kansas weirder than it already is ...and from the sound of Enter the Sun.. it's workin....The new stuff is killer, the track Winter's Teeth Is F'ng BADDDDDASSSSS...So get to their shows .. Buy their shit....and let everyone know that Toto's dead, Dorothy's knocked up and that Restless Breed now own Kansas.”

“This four track EP should come accompanied with some LSD and a laser lighting display of some sort. Bright-sounding synths, a little 8-bit buzz, and some sufficient drums make this a quick but enjoyable listen. For fans of Wizardzz, Trans Am, Psychic Ills, and whatnot.”

"Have you ever found an album on your computer and have no idea how it go there? I found this little EP in a music folder and cannot remember where or how I got it. Very solid, ambient, drone, psych.......at times freak out free for all. Dig."