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Resolution15 / Press

“Resolution15 is known in the local scene for being a unique and welcomed twist on heavy metal — praise primarily based on their usage of violins in the place of guitars in their blistering thrash, punk and hardcore-influenced music.”

“The vocals forcefully demand attention, placing the band squarely in a hard-core if not death metal genre. Any band that can pulse through ripping vocals while retaining the melody in a scream deserves a closer listen, and these guys do it with an added crunch that lasts throughout the EP. The impactful analogy-encased Sanskrit words, powerful music and purposeful allusions makes Svaha far more than another EP from another New York metal band; Resolution 15 deserves a closer listen by fans of all metal genres.”

“Resolution15: Never Has Metal Been So Violin[t]. If you think you’ve heard of Resolution15 already, it’s because we’ve written about them before: if not, know that these violin-wielding NYC metal warriors are like nothing you’ve ever heard. It’s an unusual approach to be sure, but this is no usual band.”

“There is an inherent D.I.Y. attitude pulsing through “Svaha” that guides the band to innovative and sparsely-populated corners of the genres we commonly know as “thrash” “hardcore” and “heavy metal.” If you’re looking to start your year off with something completely different, and I mean completely different, try out Resolution15.”

“I always applaud bands that can come up with some good original lyrics and this band isn’t singing about the same old same old. The subject matter and theme on most of the songs all seem connected but are completely different and that can be a hard thing to achieve. The mixture of metal and classic violin made for a dark, heavy, beautiful sound.”

Angela Owens - TheFrontRowReport.com

“Like a rocket fired out of left field, violins have made their way onto the metal circuit and this might be the tell-all, be-all of this doubted trend. Resolution15 is pushing their Egalitarian message of global change into your eardrum this year, so keep an eye out for them.”

“They could have coasted by with a “thrash riffs on a violin” gimmick, but “Svaha” is intricate in a way the common thrash album fails to grasp. It’s one of the better albums to come from an independent band so far this year, and it has the elements to get the band a whirlwind of publicity given the right circumstances.”

"Upon first impression, the term "folk metal" immediately crossed our mind when watching not one, but two performers break out their violins with no guitars in sight. Folk metal is far from accurate in describing the band's sound of technically articulated electro-violin riffing, a painfully tight and bewildering rhythm section, and a front man who adds to the musical composition with screams of various notation. Everyone of these things is what makes this band stand out, and if being different wasn't enough, they're fucking awesome too! Metal with distorted violins...a unique and equally dynamic band that is sure to raise your brow."

"...Resolution15 aren’t folk metal, they aren’t overtly classical sounding, and they most certainly don’t use their chosen instruments as a cheap gimmick. Instead the two violinists bring a constant barrage of heavy riffs that would give most guitar-driven bands a run for their money in the brutal department, and when combined with a touch of technicality from the rest of the band, Resolution15 bring something truly riveting to the table. They’re the kind of band that instantly turns the heads of the old, jaded metalheads hanging back at the bar… what… is…. this?… wow!"

“The album’s title [Satyagraha], taken from Gandhi’s philosophy of nonviolent resistance, displays both this unique band’s mindset and their progressively minded slab of metal meshing the abrasiveness of Lamb of God, the technical prowess of Nevermore and the forward-thinking nature of Meshuggah (“Malus Olympia”). Drawing a potent twin guitar sound from two electric violins is no easy feat, yet Resolution 15 triumphantly translates all of the aspects seething metal guitar requires and implements them into their bevy of punishing rhythms with various levels of venomous vocal anguish that falls somewhere between Jon Oliva and early Ozzy Osbourne (“The Good Life”). Decisively different than the rest of the pack without sacrificing the firepower necessary for proper rounds of heaviness, Resolution 15 is one of the few bands that truly provide an alternative to the metal norm.”

"...violins have been attached to folk metal and other oblong versions of what you might consider to be metal, but what was being belted out onstage was nowhere near folk, chamber music or anything along those lines. This [Resolution15] is thrash. This is loud. This is a kick in the ******* face."