Residual Kid / Press

“THIS TEENAGE GRUNGE-PUNK TRIO IS COOLER THAN YOU'LL EVER BE The first time I saw Residual Kid, I was slightly terrified. The trio had just taken the stage at Baby's All Right in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the rhythm section's tiny frames topped with Cobain-esque, don't-give-a-fuck mops of hair. The singer had a young Thurston Moore kind of lankiness to him, with squealing guitar tones to match. After a heavy wail of feedback, they busted into a song that perfectly fit their appearance with a punked-out, early 90s grunginess, but with even more energy. The twenty-somethings in the crowd all shot each other stunned looks. "Oh shit," I remember saying to one of my bandmates. "We have to follow these guys?" It's not just that they were an exceptionally tight band channeling allh the right influences. It's that each member of our band, a five-piece psych rock outfit from Philadelphia, was literally twice their average age. And nowhere near as cool.”

“Billboard has learned that teen rockers Residual Kid are joining an impressive list of acts signed by industry veteran and Warner VP Seymour Stein to Sire, the label he co-founded, including Madonna, the Talking Heads, the Ramones, the Pretenders and the Replacements. The fuzzy, grungy three-piece consists of brothers Ben Redman (drums, 16) and Max Redman (bass, 14) as well as guitarist and lead vocalist Deven Ivy (16). In a statement, Stein remarks "Despite their young age and youthful appearance Residual Kid are not a boy band, but rather a young and exciting and highly talented rock band. This fact is borne out by their audience which was comprised mostly of 18 to 35 year olds, along with many older local veteran musicians in who have taken the band under their wing." The band has already recorded with J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr), Steve McDonald (OFF!, Redd Kross) and Andre Kelman (Beastie Boys, Cat Power).”

“Residual Kid: "Friend" New Single & Video Residual Kid has released a video along with their fantasticly sludgy new single "Friend". While I'm always a bit skeptical of the actual punkness of skateboarding, the video is an absolute treat to watch; especially near the end when the kids pull a Pete Townsend on their instruments. "Friend" itself is somewhat tongue in cheek, with lyrics like "If they open their chests, and let out the flies, they wouldn't be so quick to judge". Coupled with a la di da chorus and poppy but clever chords, "Friend" is not a song to pass up. The trio has a show next week on the 18th at Stubb's and they'll also be at Fun Fun Fun fest this November.”

“THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT: RESIDUAL KID @ FFF FEST 2012 When music fans see Residual Kid get on stage for the first time, they usually have a laugh or two because of their age. Devon Ivy (guitar/vocals) is 14 and brothers Max (bass/vocals) and Ben (Drums) Redman are 12 and 13, respectively. That sentiment is quickly changed once they lurch into full rock mode and wow audiences with songs and stage presence befitting much older, seasoned musicians. The lyrics are smart and introspective while avoiding the dour clichés of their forebears and their instrumentation calls Mudhoney and Husker Du to mind, with a bit of Fugazi’s noisier aspects sprinkled in. This is a band that isn’t a gimmick. They’re serious and mean to prove it with every show. If you want to have one of those “I remember seeing them when” stories, then jump on the wagon now.”