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“Though titled Habits of the Heart, the first official full length album from urban alternative dynamic duo, Idle Warship could just as easily have been dubbed “Rhythm of the Heart.” A feverish dance floor opus, the album pounds, throbs and pulsates with the urgency of a desperate heart, combining raw emotion and intoxicating energy that can only come with the stimulation of the human body’s most resilient muscle. Much of the album’s resonance comes from Res, who imbues every note with a raw throated brand of soul rarely seen in electronic music. In many ways, Habits of the Heart, with its guitar backed hooks and forays into abstraction, often feels more like a Res album on steroids featuring a rather wordy hypeman than a true collaboration. Still, Habits of the Heart is a rarity: a pleasant surprise by a group from whom we expect the unexpected, and an experimental collection that keeps time with the most universal beat. ”

“It’s not a comeback; it’s making you come back. This mantra guides Res. The past couple of months have been a big month for Res. Not only has she begun performing her upcoming Fleetwood Mac cover EP, ReFried Mac, she has also started reaching out to her fellow female singer/songwriters by hitting RESET. Taking place each Sunday at Philadelphia’s, Silk City, Res has been performing as a resident with some of Philly’s premiere female artists with an event she dubbed, RESET. The success of this event has exceeded expectations and even landed her the cover of the Philadelphia Weekly. This is only the beginning of the RESET party, Res is looking to take this party on the road as a monthly event. Res is set to release Refried Mac in December 2010 as well as a new full album for 2011 also entitled, RESET. The RESET album features producer Doc McKinney (also producer of How I Do). Res is living proof that hard work merits great reward and brings that energy to everything she pursues”

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“Performing onstage with Idle Warship, a collaboration with Brooklyn rapper Talib Kweli and Canadian musician Graph Nobel, singer Res vamps in a leopard-skin, Hollywood pin-up dress, her hand folded into a pistol she stabs into the air, keeping time on a song that hangs on that voice, big as the sky and effortless as a bird. Res (pronounced “Reese”) still looks every bit the 23-year-old sexy club princess donning a tiara and white wife-beater with the girlie-glossed lips in the “Golden Boys” video that spun seemingly nonstop on VH1 Soul 10 years ago. While the singer looks—and sounds—pretty much the same, everything else around her has changed. (click link below for the full story)”

“Maxwell, Sade and Res have something in common besides going by just one name: Each singer took more than eight years to release the follow up to a hit album. Res, a Philadelphia native, debuted in 2001 with “How I Do” on MCA. Unlike Maxwell and Sade, Res didn’t have major-label backing for her second album, “Black. Girls. Rock!,” which was recently released. Like the aforementioned singers, Res can’t be easily classified. Is she a soul music singer? Neo-soul? Indie? She is certainly more than an R&B singer, a label these days that carries a bump-and-grind connotation. “It’s according to what your reference point of music is what kind of singer I am,” Res said in an interview earlier this week. “If you only listen to R&B, of course, you’re only going to think I’m an R&B singer. “I think people call me an indie artist because I’m independent of a label. It’s a very real and honest and accurate name for me at this point.” (click link below for full st”

“Res is back with her new album Black. Girls. Rock! and she's ready to show the world her musical growth. There has been a considerable lapse in time since the release of her first album back in 2001. During her in between years Res made made several professional transitions, left Geffen Records and is now in full control of her music career. Despite the trials, Res has managed to continue to record amazing music and the new album is a glimpse of her personal journey and a reflection of some of real life experiences she's gone through. Now she has returned to the spotlight stronger than ever. -christian johnson (click link below for full story)”