“10 OUT OF 10 STARS! Requiem for the Dead have come a long way since their "incarnation", following the ending of a successful I AM GHOST formation, both fronted by talented artist/vocalist, Steven Juliano. Yet, the angst, passion, and artistry has changed little, if not for the better. I recently had a chance to obtain and listen to a copy of Requiem for the Dead's February 14th, 2013 release, "Memories", and I wanted to break it down for you, track by track. This music, to sum it up now, is imperative that you lace your ears with it. It has love, sadness, life, fury, and most of all-honesty; all wrapped in one! 10 OUT OF 10 STARS!”

“9 OUT OF 10 STARS The guys has done an incredible job and i instantly fell in love with this EP, wishing they actually made a whole album instead of an EP. There is a lot of emotion put into the creation of these songs, which you can easily hear. I love the new sound Requiem For The Dead has gone for, something i hope they will stick to in the near future. These guys will make it big if they continue going in this direction.”

“Requiem for the Dead's "Memories" EP takes a step into a darker direction than their debut release had done. This time around the EP develops their musical ability on a much higher level expanding their writing, lyrical, and musical abilities in one single release.”