Repaid In Blood / Press

“One thing I absolutely love about covering the Bay Area Metal Festival is the fact that I’m discovering a lot of great bands from the Bay Area. One that really stands out to me is Repaid in Blood, from San Jose (aka Taqueria Heaven). I dig their technical, yet chugalicious approach to metalcore; think of a young, more rhythm-oriented All Shall Perish with the guitar soloing skills of Zero Hour. I can’t wait to see how their sound progresses over the next couple of years and I’m definitely stoked to see these guys in action live at BAMF.”

“Repaid In Blood is a Deathcore/Metal group seeking to destroy venues with there intense style of music. With a guitar tone that will make your heart fall out of your chest, sick drumming to make your head explode, Ball destroying bass and devilish growls and gutterals they bring more to the table than many deathcore bands have in the past years. Making every song structured with harmonies and quick sweeps, the guitar riffs are very catchy and rememberable but still sporadic in there own ways. Only word can describe this..... "Mindblowing". ”