Reno Divorce / Press

“KKKK (out of 5)! The guitars are raw and low-slung, the vocals are a perfect mix of whiskey-sour kisses and brattish pout and sneer...an oddly-moving brand of punk rock that wears its cynical, discontented heart brazenly on its sleeve like a wrecked romantic.”

Paul Travers - Kerrang!

“Reno Divorce - A pinch of skate rock and a spoon of country baked in a punk oven at 1000 degrees! Reno Divorce serves up some tasty, rockin tunes! Comn get it, before its all gone!”

Kerry Martinez - US Bombs, The Bad Luck Charms, Shattered Faith

“Blue Collar Rock & Roll at it's finest.”

“Hell yeah, the explosive sonic fury of Reno Divorce brings out the devil in me and makes me wanna drink and fuck and get downright dirty and nasty! If I were dictator for just one day, this would be a mandatory disc to be played loudly in each and every home...amen, motherfucker!”

Roger Moser, Jr. - Razorcake Magazine