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“Her songs “Politely Tell a Lie”, “Canvas of Your Life”, and “What If” were recently added to the Woman of Substance radio station on August 6th, 2015. In addition, her song “Politely Tell a Lie” appeared on the new “What’s On My iPod” music show, which aired on April 6-10, 2015, and her songs were chosen to be featured on the #1 New and Noteworthy Women of Substance Music Podcast between April 20-24, 2015. “Freeverse” is currently available on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, Soundcloud, Spotify, and other online music outlets as well as her official website http://www.renerussell.com, where listeners can also keep up with the latest Rene Russell news and tour dates.”

“Rene Russell Inspires With “Freeverse”- Songwriting is a tricky business- and nobody knows it better than Rene Russell. After performing in the Low-country for more than two decades, Russell released her third album, Freeverse on Jan. 1. The work marks a critical turning point in Russell’s career and it’s worth giving a listen to. Two years ago, Rene quit drinking and returned to the creative process- a process that led her to her latest (and perhaps most honest) release. The title track, “Freeverse”, opens with a beautiful, almost haunting succession of notes from Rene’s acoustic guitar, accompanied with low strings and driving percussion. Here Russell’s writing ability really shines; she carries her narrative to a climax, opening the number with “I write my life in freeverse form, each line a choice, each page a storm”. The namesake of the album is a sweeping, melodic folk/rock tune sure to please.”

“The tone of the album is reminiscent of the soft-spoken (but intricate) guitar playing of James Taylor and Rene’s unique vocal character conjures images of Stevie Nicks. “Stevie is one of my biggest influences” Rene admits, and many of the songs on “Freeverse" move with the same careful intensity as songs like Nicks’ beloved “Rhiannon”. The album opens with “Who We Really Are”- a driving, introspective song that establishes the narrative of the 13-song record. With lines like “Sometimes its hard to see who we really are inside when our hearts can go so cold, we hold our breath in the wake of our emptiness”, Russell poetically tackles questions that are central to the human experience.”

“Rene Russell can handle almost any musical request. The singer/guitarist has nearly two decades worth of live performances under her belt, from Nashville, to Texas to Charleston. In recent years, she's won the adoration of local audiences with her technical proficiency on the 12-string, her versatility, and her warm singing style. She can make the transition from a U2 pop hit to an Eagles twanger to a Melissa Etheridge anthem with ease.”

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“Rene is a singer and songwriter and performs a wide range of acoustic rock, pop, alternative, folk and country music throughout the coastal South Carolina area on her Taylor 12 string guitar. Yes, 12 string! Visit her website to hear this wonderfully talented artist's version of time honored favorites and contemporary songs, as well as some of her original solo work and selections with fellow musician, Gary Hewitt. Her rich, soaring voice and moving interpretive style are not to be missed. ”

“AUSTIN CHRONICLE MAY 1996 RENE RUSSELL (VERGE RECORDS) This native South Carolinian has opened for such luminaries as Hootie & The Blowfish, Indigo Girls and Ellen James Society, making her no stranger to the limelight. With pipes like Melissa Etheridge, a production style a la Sam Phillips/T.Bone Burnett, wistful, often ethereal songs, she deserves to be there. This CD is strong and memorable the billing order will be reversed. -Joe Mitchell ”

Joe Mitchell - Austin Chronicle

“Few forces in music are as easy to enjoy or as difficult to deny as the presence of a powerful female lead vocalist. The mesmerizing strength and sheer confidence can change the face of an entire genre, particularly in the mostly male-dominated formats of rock and country. With the awesome grace and energy or a female lead, then, it’s no wonder that singer/songwriter Rene Russell has been able to hold her own for the past 18 years. A talented guitarist with an incredible voice and far more than simple rock sensibility in her writing, Rene Russell has seen success on both coasts of the USA and even popularity in more central spots like the great state of Texas. With a tremendous style that can only be described as a marriage of country rock and rock & roll,”

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“Rene takes her musical ideas in directions that few performers have been able to in recent times. Armed with a 12-string Taylor guitar, an indomitable voice, and self-titled, 10-track album, this sophisticated siren can burn up a stage or a stereo with the best of seasoned veterans and well-known acts.”

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