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“Punchy outlaw country with practiced vocals, Wahl herself says the track is about “That one thing, that person, that situation that is ill-fated, but you choose to move forward just the same.” In this way, the track follows a specific trajectory of eerie tones merging into powerhouse vocals singing bittersweet lyrics like “This isn’t gonna end well/Love only feels this good before it all goes straight to Hell”. The constant movement of the music flows in contrast to what’s happening in the music video for “See You On The Way Down” — a stop-motion video created by Deone Jahnke consisting of over 1,000 images, slow images of Wahl performing in slow-motion and a powerful silhouette scene with Wahl and her presumed love interest fade in and out, blending into each other for profound stories, in some cases prolonged and in some cases fleeting, told purely by song.”

“Country Fried Rock's Best of 2011 Wow! In 2011, Country Fried Rock featured 50 roots musicians via in-depth interviews, highlighting their songwriting and musical influences. From those, we selected the 40 most-listened to programs, and let our listeners select their Top 10. Hundreds of listeners voted for the Country Fried Rock "Best of 2011" list, yielding a surprisingly clear Top 10. 10. Renee Wahl, Cumberland Moonshine 9. Betsy Franck, Still Waiting 8. The Back Row Baptists 7. Dylan Sneed, Texodus 6. James Scott Bullard 5. Driftwood, Wanderlust 4. The Mother Truckers, Van Tour 3. Kevn Kinney, A Good Country Mile (with the Golden Palominos) 2. Abby Owens, Indiantown 1. Stephanie Fagan, Heart Thief”

“Left Lane: Zoe Muth, Renee Wahl: Two indie stocking stuffers you might have missed Before we bid adieu and say good riddance to 2011, here's a pair of LL recommended CDs we managed to misplace but were pleased to rediscover in the (St. Nick) of time. A pair of singer/songwriters who released top shelf records during the year. And both of whom should make their presence felt in 2012. RENEE WAHL'S bio may be all over the map but her songwriting ability is instantly impressive. She's probably regarded an alternative country artist, though there are frequent elements of straight rock in a number of tunes she either wrote or co-wrote with partner Roger Prescott. Wahl is totally comfortable mixing and matching styles, from the record's dynamite opening track "On Something New" to the rock-a-billy twang of "Heartbreak Thing." In between, she goes for the jugular on the radio-friendly "Keeping You For Mine" and explores a bummed relationship on "Roses Are Blue."”

“Every once in awhile it seems out of no where an artist comes along and unexpectedly knocks you right out of your boots. Renée Wahl is that performer, with her latest release, “Cumberland Moonshine”. She has made a home in numerous places and finally landed in Nashville, TN where she is giving all the talent there a run for their money. This CD is 12 tracks of perfection. From beginning to end, it starts off wonderful and finishes outstandingly awesome. It is difficult to have a CD these days with this many songs on it and have every single one of them stand out above the one before it. They are catchy, hooky and have a familiar vibe. Probably the most radio friendly CD I have heard in a long time. (see the entire review at http://skopemag.com/2011/11/08/renee-wahl-cumberland-moonshine)”

“Renée Wahl - "Keeping You For Mine" [on "Cumberland Moonshine"] The scorned lover is a classic figure in country music. Renee Wahl takes this archetype and plays with it a bit. I don t want to give anything away, but keep your ears open at the chorus, and you ll see what I mean. The song gets a beautifully rendered spooky vibe. On Cumberland Moonshine, the twang in Renee Wahl s voice comes and goes. It s not an affectation; it s just a tool that Wahl uses to get the emotion of her songs across, and she has others. She can go from the sweetness of a Dolly Parton to almost the sharp tone of a Maria McKee, and Wahl uses this expressive range perfectly, giving each song what it needs. The music has rockabilly accents, and even a bluesy flavor in places, but it is unmistakably country.”

“Stop dead in your tracks good! Renée's voice has got to be heard!”

“Everyone who loves country music should be listening to Renee Wahl right now”

““On Something New”, Renée Wahl 2011Candy Says: The featured track reminds me a little of Emmylou Harris circa Elite Hotel era, take that as a positive as Renee stamps her own mark on the music. That’s only one dimension of her, there is a lot more and you would do well to check out the album Cumberland Moonshine if this song grabs you.”

“Alternative country is such a wide and varied subgenre that to call Renee Wahl an alternative country artist tells you almost nothing about her sound. You have neotraditionalists…, cowpunk artists…, bands with more of an alternative pop sound…, [and artists] who are alternative because they sing about subjects that aren’t considered mainstream or just haven’t met mainstream success yet, artists like Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle, and Gillian Welch. Renee Wahl fits more into this category than any other. Wahl keeps it simple as a Nashville singer/songwriter, creating rootsy country music that actually sounds like country music. Cumberland Moonshine isn’t your run-of-the-mill modern pop country. It’s not rock and roll with a twang in the voice. What it is is a modern document of an art form slowly being choked off by an image of country that has been popularized by the modern music business. Wahl cuts through the layers of hype and gives us a damn good record.”