Renee Rosnes / Press

“She clearly has the world at her fingertips.”

Village Voice

“If you looked closely, you would have sworn you saw steam rising from the piano at the Village Vanguard.”

The New York Sun

“Rosnes is her own woman. An extended solo on the quartet's opening night was breathtaking, both in concept and execution.”

San Francisco Examiner

“The instrument was scarcely large enough to contain her imagination.”

The Globe and Mail

“Charlap and Rosnes display a pair of artistic souls entwined, playing with such obvious empathy that they often sound like a single entity. The carryover of chemistry from personal to musical results in a crystalline flow from one keyboard to the other.”

Minneapolis City Pages

““A serious, stately, almost epic recital where the virtuosity is expressive, never show-offy…. The counterpoint and compatibilities are so perfectly balanced, the selections and arrangements so handsome, that ‘Double Portrait’ is a prize.””