Renee James Ezung / Press

“Easygoing, cheerful, simple and gorgeous – meet Renee James Ezung, young (24) upcoming songster, composer and musician ”

“Sad-eyed Renee James Ezung The performers played primarily own renditions of Bob Dylan’s masterpieces. Renee James Ezung complained that she had to be born in “Avril Lavigne’s generation” and in the process missed out on the revolution Dylan’s music triggered many decades ago. Ezung performed a poignant – if brooding –abridged version of Dylan’s 1966 classic ‘Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands’ (from Dylan’s album ‘Blonde on Blonde’, 1966) For a restless and impatient generation that worships fast food, the tribute was fitting –Ezung cut down the originally 12-minutes song into a nice 4-minute tasty dish. Able and talented, she followed it up with a frisky performance of the frequently misunderstood ‘Joker Man’ (from ‘Infidels’ 1983).”