Remotejazz / Press

“Under the hip moniker of Remotejazz, Maryland-based composer and producer Robert L. Bryant creates a transcendent, ethereal mix of chill, Smooth Jazz, ambient sounds, electronic harmonies and light funk on his mystical minded, socially conscious album REIGN OF PEACE. Sonically designed as a response to the chaos of the modern world, the collection features two compelling collaborations with jazz saxophonist Dave Jarvis. REIGN OF PEACE is both jazzy and relaxing!”

“Hungry Spirit is a musical journey into peace and contentment. Robert L Bryant (Remotejazz) has given us 5.50sec of sheer bliss. It is a piece that works on all the senses and always gives me pleasure in adding it to my playlist. I have played this tune many times on my programs and deem it an excellent follow up to As I Have Loved You. I look forward to hearing more from Robert Bryant with the knowledge that through his gift he is adding to the betterment of mankind.”

John Holden - Bankstown Auburn Community Radio

“This is really good. I'm going to play it this Wednesday on my radio show. I'm always searching for new and exciting music to play. This is such a track. Is there more? Barry Rosen 90.3 WHCJ-FM Wednesday 10-Midnight Savannah, GA jazzbbandtheamericansongbook@gmail.com”

“Liked it........will be adding it to The Jazz Vortex playlist on NWCZ Radio.com...........look for it to air starting Sunday June 8th between 8p-11pm pacific time..............Spread the word...and send us all the Jazz you like...... Thanks Kevin McBride & Jay Mabin / The Jazz Vortex NWCZ Radio.com”

“Interesting composition, Great choice of music, and a pleasure to hear. Thanks graham@soundwavefm.co.nz”

"As I Have Loved You" is a hypnotic tune that really challenges the listener. There are so many levels to this piece and so many instruments wanting your attention. I love the way the fretless bass holds everything together with its constant riff. The musical layerings give a spacey feel. Dave Jarvis on sax takes charge and leads the direction of this complex tune. The beautiful string arrangement provide a calmness to what really is a very busy piece. I don't think it would be possible for producer Robert Bryant to throw any more instruments into the mix. As well as sax there is piano, harpsichord and some special effects. The tune is a musical feast for the ears. I have played it a number of times on my programme. It is something different and certainly expands the consciousness. John Holden, Chill Zone, 2BACR FM100.9.

“COMMENTING ON "BUNDLE OF JOY". "Expressive jazzy piano and horn improvisations with classy highlights. This is a very creative composition. Inventive arrangement with prominence piano rhythmic themes and incredible arrangement.”

“COMMENTING ON "NUTTY BUDDY" This is sooooo smooth.Seductive feel & mood. Instruments are very centric aesthetic which is the beauty in my opinion. Wonderful solos that flows so well. (love your synth work at the end) Superb production as always. Another fine track from the master. ”

“COMMENTING ON "ON THE RIGHT TRACK" A fantastic performance. Serene atmospheric soundscape. A marvelous groove ( what I would give to create such beauty). Nice synth work. You have a signature sound that is captivating and immersing at the same time. OUTSTANDING WORK!!! ”

“COMMENTING ON "AWAKENING" This song grabbed immediately with the arpeggio and FX intro. Then the body of the track kicked in…Wow!!! It blew me away. I yelled, “Oh yeah” several times. This track has everything one could want in a mellow jazz composition. Interesting intro which draws the listener in; vibrant kickin’ rhythm to hold on to (love the Rhodes); Exciting sweeteners to enhance the groove (love the vocals; strings, synth; guitar); Nice musical break at 2:04 (great bass lead in); cool vamp… not to mention the pro-production values. this is definitely my kind of music. Love your style. ”