Remi Desroques / Press

“Winner of the Beatstars Contest - 3500 entries worldwide!”

“The remarkable breath of style and feel here is a testament to his empathy and accomplished skills as producer, arranger, composer, engineer AND performer. This is great music, and all beautifully realized.”

“Remi has incredible dynamic style and produces track after simply amazing track regardless of genre.”

“All done note per note from scratch!”

“I think "driven" is the appropriate word for Remi D.”

“3rd Place in the SFR Jeunes Talent - Mozart Rock Opera Composer”

“Remi D - A multi genre Producer / Composer”

“From Hip-Hop to classical and anything in between! He can do it all!”

“Producer Remi D - remiaudio.com”

“You motivated all of us to make more music!”

“Over 40 produced track made in 4 years of the Monthly Tune Project!”