remember the radio / Press

“Definitely one of the best post/art-punk albums in a very long time, Sharper Moon Rabbit will cling so steadfastly to your turntable, the only time you’ll take it off is when you’re flipping it over. Highly recommended.”

“Crafting a very strong organic sound through the use of all real instruments, Remember The Radio's "Sharper Moon Rabbit" permeates through the mediocre muddiness of most modern music with its gracefully and delicately mixed/balanced tracks, ghostly, atmospheric vocals, and dense, driving guitars.”

“Thanks so much for the LP! PLayed it at the end of my radio show yesterday. Your tunes are soo goode! http://nardwuar.com/rad/2013/08/nardwuar-vs-r-a-the-rugged-man-2/ THanks again! Keep on rawkin in the free world! Have a good dinner!”

“What the band hopes to accomplish is to write and release LPs. They would like to make records that stand on their own. They want the album to be the attraction and have fans, more so than the band.”

“This album has gotten the bulk of my listening time since I first heard it, and has proven to have high replay value.”