Remedy Stick / Press

“REMEDY STICK rocked the house tonight at XL'N .... Thanks guys for the Great Show & Thanks for playing a lil longer for the crowd. We All Think U Are XLN'T! Robin~~Owner XL'N on Fifth”

Robin - XL'N

“Everyone said that they were the best band ever to play at Brewbakers. I have to agree! Jeff Heath Owner/ BrewBakers Restaurant and Pub”

Jeff Heath - Brew Bakers

“I heard the best classic rock band tonite at Barefoot Bay on Lake Bob Sandlin they are called Remedy Stick and they are amazing!! December 22, 2012: Tina Allen~~Manager, Barefoot Bay”

Tina Allen - Bare Foot Bay

“Release Concert* Remedy Stick graciously presented two wonderful sets of music to an appreciative crowd, and gifted everyone with a copy of their debut CD. Richard shredded the guitar, while Owen kept the pace on drums, with Sparx on bass keeping everyone flowin’ all night long!! Sparx is home-grown Winnsboro, returning to share with family & friends where his music has evolved. All I can tell you is how tight these three were, as they performed a mixture of originals from the new CD, and covers that many musicians would not even attempt to tackle—Richard played “Black Magic Woman” with such style & precision, I liked it BETTER than when Carlos Santana performs it!!! Gus Gustafson~Owner @ Crossroads Music and Listening Room”

“~Woodstock 2012~ We Had a great time !! Terrific bands "Remedy Stick". and "Dazed" rocked the event !!”

Mike Johnson

“I want to personally THANK the band for sharing your stage with me last night. Tight guys, ya'll are freakin tight. It's a very good feeling when the songs are played with perfection. Once again, Thank you & Rock on!”

Rick Koury

“For all you folks out there that didn't make it.. ya missed one helluva hard chargin Rock n Roll show. Everything from Aerosmith to ZZ Top. That band Remedy Stick can rock the house!! If ya ever get a chance to see them,DO IT. You will not be dissapointed!!!<br>~Roy Eller~”

~Roy Eller~

“I failed to mention the amazing band that Todd was playing for, as their guest. Remedy Stick is one of my all-time favorite bands. They cover a huge range of "songs that we all know". Sparks has a natural "smooth" on the bass and Richard Callahan, the "usual" lead guitarist, is the perfect, animated, counter-pose to Sparks. I'm sorry I can't remember the drummers name. (I've not been back in Tyler long after my 25 year absence) --- anyway, Remedy Stick is always on the top of my list for private party recommendations. All are mature, professionals with excellent stage presence, who consider what they do a "craft" and an "art"... not a hobby. ”

Richard Hardin

“A big thanks to Remedy Stick for a great show tonight at the Bull. Elder, Entertainment Director for Sittin Bull Steakhouse”

Entertainment Director for Sittin Bull Steakhouse

“Listen up peeps.. If you're ever riding around and see the name REMEDY STICK on a marquee. STOP right there and give these guys a listen.. Absolutely fabulous entertainment.. Thanks guys for a rockin great show last night.. You will be back!! Mark, ”

Entertainment Director for Eddy&#39;s in Athens

“WOW!!!! What can i say about Sparkz and Richard of Remedy Stick that u don't already know. These guys are phenoms!!!!! I am grateful to Owen Berry for giving me the call to sub for him on their thursday jam. Music Magic was made last night. Playing with someone for the first time ever and locking in with them is pure joy. Thank you so much for the invite and the new friendships we've casted. Till nxt time Peace!!!!!”

Kenneth Brackeen

“An absolute must!! Music is the tempo 2 the beat of the rhythm of our soul. We must NEVER let it die!! ROCK On my friends... ROCK ON!! ”

Tami Isaacs

“The Coyotes Crew wishes to thank everyone that decided to spend your New Years eve with us. We had a GREAT time and heard some WONDERFUL music. REMEDY STICK...we can't thank you enough for the GREAT music you provided. ”

Coyotes Bar