“Weaving through the multi-layered and superb "The Mark'" Had to wait a week while the computer was fixed for this. If the Byrds or Spirit ever joined King Crimson I reckon they'd want you in it.”

“I'm totally addicted to this music.... each song sets my taste buds poppin'.......... somehow,& I'm not quite sure why,it goes straight to the pleasure centres in my mind & plays there....... T”

“Beautiful,Dan!.....its hard to find music that also paints a unique picture....this is one of those!...great work!”

“Lovin "Blow Out The Light" !!! To me, These songs have a cross between David Bowie and Red Hot Chilli's! Very nice! I hope that's a compliment to you! Either way we are fans of yours!”

“Enjoying "Our Start". Great song with phenomenal production. The sound is just bouncing around in my headphones and it sounds good!”

“Your the Best Remaster I know of! Wow this thing grabs attention Immediately and does not let go of you to the very last note! Music vocals and effects are Terrific! Great work let's keep them going! Listening on some more”

"Coaster Ride" sounds terrific here - your songs are always engrossing - full of character - totally original, have great depth and the instrumentation and arrangements are marvelous. King Crimson would be very proud of any of these. Chris

“Just love your innovative abilities so talented and creative an artist you are!”

“L Jay Baker says: Excellent lyrics, sound and productions. Someday, I hope I have the God given Talent that you have...You are making History..”

“Hey Great job, You made After life Come Alive! Movie track material!”