Remaining Anonymous / Press

“After 10 seconds of Reclaiming Apathy i pressed the "Become a Fan" button. Fantastic work.”

Underground - Reverbnation

“Dude yall remind me of Pissing razors but with a Tool spin!!!”

Bombs overhead - Reverbnation

“Much love from texas, you got some killer shit goin on.”

Tyrade - reverbnation

“As for you guys, your a whole different animal. Theres a whole Rush meets Iron Maiden meets Disturbed thing goin on. I'm definately diggin it.”

AIM high - reverbnation

“Y'all certainly kick ass.”

Diciphered Virus - Reverbnation

“I gave you a listen. I like :). If you ever make it out to the SC area look us up, we'd love to play with you guys. :) You rock! Horns up!”

trauma slave - REVERBNATION

“Tracks sound killer!”

The Ne Plus Ultra - Reverbnation

“Badass! \m/”

CarMaki - Reverbnation

“you guys sound good!”

JBird - Reverbnation