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“The combination of instantly accessible, hook-laden songwriting and sweet harmony vocals makes this pure ear candy. Songs like "Blue Ridge Baby" with its Allman-esque harmony guitars, are so catchy they stick in your head immediately.”

“With a packed house, and people having a blast all over the place, the guys announced they were going to film their music video and for all of their friends to pile up front and tear up the floor; which we did and then some. I also got the enjoyment of coaxing all of the sexy ladies the guys seem to bring out onto the bar to dance for the video Coyote Ugly style. We had a ball that night, a freaking real ball man. That album is amazing. Every song is different, and every guy in the band as well as the guest stars, add something special to each song. I haven’t heard harmonization and terrific playing like that in a long while. The guys know what they are doing and have something great. They are getting airplay all over already and getting requests to play some pretty killer shows. These INIO Music recording artists are going to go far.”

“Reluctant Saints – Long Drive ~ Some call it country, but fans of southern rock will be thrilled to know that a “revival” of the sub genre is underway and it is being triumphantly led by (ironically) Reluctant Saints. Their debut LP, Long Drive is scheduled for release on February 1, and from what we have heard so far, this Atlanta band is sure to be hitting radio airwaves in no time. This phenomenal assembly of multi-talented musicians includes Brian Cameron, Jon Cole, Nathan Morgan, Mark Wilson and Gary Chumney. The songwriting is mature and the harmonies are soulful: two ingredients that make for memorable classics. The talented list of guest players includes names like Ike Stubblefield (Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt) and Rev. Oliver Wells (Earth Wind and Fire). Label: INIO Music. Release Date: 2.1.11.”

“Time was, you could turn on any album rock station and hear songs that walked the delicate line between rock and country. With harmonies reminiscent of the best country music bands and guitar licks that recall the classics of southern rock, Reluctant Saints expertly marry these two sounds again.”

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“These guys all come from different places, walks of life and influences--both musical and not, and it works--it works with authority. It's like they were meant to be, and I know that sounds cliche', but I mean it with all my heart. It just all works so well...there really aren't any other words to describe this band. They were the missing piece in my listening arsenal--and now I have that piece!”

“Reluctant Saints now endorse Delaney Custom Guitars!! Mike Delaney himself is working on Nathan’s all new signature design. Signature Models for Brian and Mark will follow soon after. Mike is hand-building these exquisite instruments and the band can’t wait to get their hands on them!! Check out our links page or go directly to www.delaneyguitars.com”

“Reluctant Saints are in the studio working on their new CD, “Long Drive”, which will be available in February 2011. It will feature eleven songs and a few very special guests. Davin McCoy, Shana Alverson, and INIO Music's own Tomas Ramirez are among the artists lending their talent to "Long Drive" and the eleven tunes on it. Also joining the band for a few songs are two powerhouse Hammond B-3 players, the legendary Ike Stubblefield and the lesser known but no less capable Oliver W. Wells”

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“Reluctant Saints now endorse Perkins Amplification! Jeff Perkins and Brian have been working together on a signature amplifier, and the Perkins LSD (Loud Special Design) will be in limited production soon. RS just got out of the studio recording the CD “Long Drive” using Perkins Amps exclusively, both with the LSD and the Model 1 (already in production). These are amplifiers of the highest quality and attention to detail, designed to allow the player’s style and the character of the guitar to shine, rather than sounding like “this brand” or “that brand” of amplifier. You can hear the sounds of these amazing amps on Reluctant Saints “Long Drive” C.D.”

“Reluctant Saints have just been added to the lineup of bands at INIO Music. They have joined the ranks of Aquarium Rescue Unit (featuring Jimmy Herring of Widespread Panic), Sean O’Rourke (Sugarland, Mother’s Finest), Tomas Ramirez and Barry Richman.”