Rejoice the Awakening / Press

“Jacksonville locals, Rejoice the Awakening, offer melodic hooks and piercing lyrics that are not only uplifting but inspiring. The band, consisting of Aaron Davis (bass), Dylan Young (guitar), Nick Bailey (vocals), Patrick Garren (drums), and Sean Burns (guitar), strives to spread a message of hope even in the darkest of times. In an interview with Rejoice the Awakening, The Campus Voice was given the opportunity to find out what inspires and leads them in their journey as a band. Q: What inspired you to make music together? A: Aaron: Sharing "common" interests in the same type of music and use that music to convey a message of hope and love.Q: What image do you want your music to convey?A: Nick: A message of hope and love. Our lyrics may not always be the most positive in the world. Sometimes I just have things on my heart that I need to get out. Some of the things may be sad or angry but there is always hope even in the worst of times.”