Reiny Pier / Press

"Reiny reins supreme, storms of feeling; tornados of pleasure; glaciers are breached. Continents shift, this is better than..hello Atlantis, oh yes! !We have missed you. YES, to everything (and I am not yet sated). Does this soundtrack your cowardice if you dare to turn a deaf ear? I think so. Chocolate, move over, dear, sex is back on the menu; it's number one again. One chunk, one bite at a time, now closer, closer than evermind. That vampire. Tastes so sweet. Reiny serves.(00:03, England, Feb 14 CE 2012. We are ankle deep in snow, but the thaw is on; and it is hastened by Reiny. Jadis, drops her guard; quo vadis? I'm going to Reiny plains. Thank you; mwah! x)."

Anthony Holgate - SkinnyCandy

"Reiny manages to tickle angel toes with a voice reminiscent of shattered glass: when's the next round in nirvana? Definitely 'half glass full' and you can make mine a full one (tell me when to say 'when'). This is gorgeous. Calls to mind Martina Topley-Bird and her work with the excellent Tricky: Bristol, England circa 1990 anything. The god's have been seduced then...amazing. Electric, seductive..." ~skinnycandy

Skinnycandy - Angel-Tickler

"..… unfamiliar but compelling...what music should do..."

Jess Mueller - CKC (Capital Key Climbs)

"... (Pier's) voice channels a female David Bowie with a purposeful dysphonic quality."

Julia Fragias - Jane Silence Says

"...remind me of an ancient greek priestess guiding us with your soft voice through the labirynth of our cosmic solitude. It's the kind of ethereal, odyssey-like music that soothes existential pain and shows a light in the darkness of life. Peace..." - Szrama

Szrama - Szrama Sings Back

"...haunting, mystical, unique, lovely, takes the mind and the soul to some astral place!" - Buck & Brandi of the Bixby's

The Bixbys - Bixby's brightening

“Enchanting voice, songs and instrumentation, skillfully matched and woven into a most personal, unique, intimate space. There's a sense of the mysterious, of being privy to whispered secrets in the dark here. Extraordinary. -Exile”

Exile - Exile Pots