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“The setting wasn’t entirely different back on the Pabst Stage, as some members of Skinny Cooks stayed on, now acting as part of Jude Gonzalez’s project, Reinventing Jude. I’m not sure why DEAF is the only time of year I ever seem to see a Reinventing Jude show, because the music the band makes is simply ravishing. Nostalgic in some regards, the music is highly fresh as well; Gonzalez having a way of penning songs that are spellbinding while laying it all out on the table, emotionally speaking. That emotion translates into the shows, too; and in just a song or two she had sent her sunglasses flying off her head from rocking out hard enough. On the stage floor was where they would remain. That was how caught up she was in the show (and her guitar playing).”

“This new video (Buddy Holiday) is pretty solid and fairly unpredictable in terms of the shift in sound. Reinventing Jude, of no doubt must I add, flit from one style to another like a free mythical bird of great beauty in the open skies reinventing itself along the way as it wishes. And in this emerging process and Phoenix-like style, determine to live 500 or 600 years in the Arabian wilderness, to burn itself on a funeral pyre and to rise from its ashes in the freshness of youth and live through another cycle of years, through its emblem of immortality or reborn idealism and hope, listeners are bound to get caught with the band evocative of unique textures and emotions as well as adapting to every swing and punch they got up their sleeves. Watch, listen and enjoy.”

““Buddy Holiday” reflects an entirely new composition and a quantum loop in music direction itself. But make no mistakes; at this stage I am not fully aware as to any new full length releases in the pipeline or even if this new mini orchestral-like form of sound is going to be solid and definite. But that said with the enthusiasm and passion behind “Buddy Holiday” as well as the everlasting growth and sound exploration, Reinventing Jude arguably combines an amazing power-emotion from lightless depths to the dizziest heights showing the will to trade fearless and in extremes, thus capturing a wider, stranger range of emotions that most other bands could dream of.”

“Reinventing Jude recently embarked on a quest to explore the band potential and to promote the band name itself. For the most part these engagements have come in the form of an intimate performance of a new video “Buddy Holiday”. The band executed Jimmy Kimmel couple of weeks ago and yet another video “Train Legs”, coming out in February 2015. You’ll also be pleased to know that the band is soon going to be featured on two soundtracks for two new movies. So yes… good things are indeed happening, the grass is definitely greener on the other side and with this particularly awesome sound direction the band are leaning towards; I cannot be any more thrilled to bring you the latest from the enigmatic outfit Reinventing Jude. As you will notice on this new video “Buddy Holiday”, the music takes on a different shape as oppose to the band previous 2012 titles [ Shoulder Season ] and 2013 release [ Sundial Soliloquy ].”

"It’s become the norm to have such airy, sparse instrumentals take over the indie music scene. So, it’s a breath of fresh air to see young artists recognizing what makes music irreplaceable and recreating it to make a sound all their own. I could envision myself sitting in a coffee house in Seattle, listening to Sundial Soliloquy feeling like my life’s been complete. Though I really enjoyed every song on this album, I have to say, the break out track is “1919.” The first time I heard the melody, I was instantly blown away. It’s not overdone. It’s just simple, organic and at the perfect tempo. It sounds like a perfect jam session that you never want to end. And, can we talk about Jude’s voice? Lead vocalist Jude Gonzalez’s voice is like butter over these tracks. It’s not strained. It’s not overworked. Her melodies and runs melt over each song. Her vocals are a reach back to Edie Brickell and Fiona Apple. It’s effortless."

"..just on the strength of literally one song, Reinventing Jude’s, Sundial Soliloquy, is hands down my favorite local indie release of 2013. They are currently working on their latest album, Second Scrutiny, which is slated to be released later this summer. Judging by their last two projects, Shoulder Season and Sundial Soliloquy, I foresee a really awesome album coming out in a few months. Veering away from the indie pop sound of Shoulder Season a bit more, Sundance Soliloquy puts the more funk and jazz undertones at the forefront. Though it’s a little hard to compare, the feeling of this album sounds like a fusion of Portishead and Radio Citizen with a hint of Bonobo. The songs on this album have a very heavy groove and baseline common in funk and afrojazz. This is one of the main things that blew me away about this album. Each song had so much substance instrumentally. Each song has a bottom. ..." (continued)

"Gonzales collaborated with acclaimed producer Salim Nourallah on Soliloquy, and the result is an album that has the feeling of a carnival vignette at dusk. Gonzales’ vocals are impressive and grittier than her previous releases while managing to be vulnerable and strong simultaneously. “Everything supports her voice and her guitar,” Nourallah said. “Her band very deftly maneuvers their way around these songs.” Around town Reinventing Jude is known for having a diverse and sometimes extensive line-up with any number of crazy instrument combinations during their live performances, Soliloquy manages to capture that in a very authentic way without falling flat. “She’s another great example of great Dallas talent right under our noses,” Nourallah said. “More people need to know about her — she’s special.” Gonzales said she already has the next several albums written but looks forward to reinventing everything about herself as she moves forward.

“Sundial Soliloquy is a colorful and vibrantly powerful collection of indie tunes infiltrated with wayward forms of rhythm & exquisite instrumentation. It's a cross between melancholy vibes and a low-end background experimental-jazz fused with some amazing indie elements. The multi-instrumentals concept as well as the Jude stunning vocals is simply a plus on this album as it brings an added value / layer on top of everything that is already beautiful. A VERY BIG WELL DONE GUYS!!! This is even bigger and better than "Shoulder Season".”

“REINVENTING JUDE — SUNDIAL SOLILOQUY August 8, 2013 by L KIB Didn’t think it could get much better, but Reinventing Jude has reinvented herself into true art. Compared to Shoulder Season, Sundial Soliloquy is a more mature album while still holding true to her jazz/indie and full band roots. On the last review of Shoulder Season I compared Reinventing Jude to Florence + The Machine and Frou Frou, but listening to this album I can only compare her to herself. This album definitely has a unique vibe and is truly calming. If you’re looking for new music to listen to that’s soft, easy, whimsical and a perfect pair to a chill afternoon or a cup of coffee this is the perfect album for that. When I listen to Sundial Soliloquy I feel inspired, with a shot of espresso.”

“As a vocalist and a songwriter, frontwoman Jude Gonzalez can connect through sheer force of personality onstage. One woman in the audience was moved to tears, and while Occam's razor suggests that that was at least partly because of the alcohol, the music was a moving experience even for those of us who were stone sober. Reinventing Jude has a new album due out, with a release party to be held Sept. 30, and while most local musicians I talk to play the "I'm just in it for the fun" card (when we know they dream of rock stardom), Gonzalez wants a world tour and radio play.”