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“Starrett’s originals tend to combine country twang with rock muscle, but he’s always conscious that his hard-working audience probably doesn’t’ want to hear anything to downbeat.”


“Hear the new release, "Rum & Somethin" on www.shoreliferadio.com, starting NOW. Just go to our request line, and hear it in minutes! It's a great song with 2 of our favorite Trop Stars, Reggie & Donny Brewer. Go for it, Waders!”

Don Da Pyrate - Shore Life Radio

“Good morning brother great song! I'll get this added for you”

Danny Lynn - Tiki Man Radio

“When I heard you guys were working on a song together, I knew it would be great and I wasn't disappointed.”

Eric Przybylski Station Manager The TikiPod - Tiki Pod Radio

“Great music, Reggie..just heard it via the Beach Bar Radio..keep up the awesome work..love the koozies..:)”

Bill Haas - Beach Bar Radio

“Join me tomorrow morning I will have special guest singer/songwriter Barefoot Reggie Starrett joining me on the phone at approximately 10am Eastern time. Tune in Weekdays with Wilson on "Country has done gone to the beach" www.tikiislandradio.com. Hope to see you on the Radio”

Lyle Wilson - Tiki Island Radio

“# 6 / Reggie Starrett, call him "Barefoot!" Reggie performs a wide variety of music, from classic rock , to country ,to reggae, to Trop Rock with plenty of originals ! He does it ALL !!!”

“Breath in that "Tropical Breeze" with Barefoot Reggie Starrett, right here on Pirate Cove Radio”

“Just added lots of new tunes to our playlist including @reggiestarrett @theshiresuk @Katzenjammers @RennLoren @JohnMayer @bababmusic”

“Talented Musician with a Feel Good Music that would Compliment any Event or Great in Movie Productions.- Steven Jr.”

“Reggie Starrett's new single release "Tropical Breeze", was placed in rotation with all of Reggie's other great Trop music, on "The Shore Radio", WWW.WNYSHORERADIO.COM, early this morning. Tune to "The Shore" for more Reggie. You just never know when he's popping up.”

“Check out this link to see the top vote getters in this pole ! VOTE IS IN! 6 TROP ROCKER HUNKS !!!! http://www.tikibeachshop.com/index.php/lifestyle/fun-stuff/179-6-trop-rocker-hunks”

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“Get your Permanent Vacation started with Barefoot Reggie Starrett right here ! Get your Island on ...”

J - Permanent Vacation Radio

“Have a "Bucket of Beer" with Barefoot Reggie Starrett right here on Beach Bar Radio !”

Ken - Beach Bar Radio

“For the perfect day at the beach , listen to Barefoot Reggie Starrett , on Tiki Bar Radio !”

Captain Randy - Tiki Bar Radio

“Palm Tree Radio ‏@PalmTreeRadio Hey @reggiestarrett, thanks for sending over Sand Therapy, it's on our Hot list. Hope you get to hear it on air soon!! Have a great evening!”

“On your cruise through the Fla Keys , check out Barefoot Reggie Starrett , on Radio A1A”

Harry - Radio A1A

"Come sit in the sand with a Bucket of Beer , from Barefoot Reggie Starrett on Tiki Beach Shop Radio"

Tiki Beach Shop Radio

"Get your Pineapple Drinks, from Barefoot Reggie Starrett on Summer Wind Radio"

Summer Wind Radio

"Be sure to check out Barefoot Reggie Starrett on WNY shoreradio.com for your personal prescription for Sand Therapy "

Don the Pirate - WNY Shoreradio.com

" Listening to the smooth sounds of Reggie Starrett it's hard to believe he is not a nationally know performer yet" "Everything he sings will make you want to sing along"