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"By the time you’ve taken your seat, before the play even starts, you might start to feel like you’re going back in time. If so, you’ll have to give Reggie Miles credit. While the audience members find their seats, Miles, an award-winning Folk/Blues songwriter, sets the ambiance for the performance with his strumming. He sits in the corner and his face is dimly lit from a small lamp with tiny beads dangling from it. Miles pauses in between songs and explains that this style of music is called “Bottleneck Blues” and is characteristic of the type of music that was played in 1930s during the Depression. Talking about the initiation of the slide, he says that players “put something round and shiny on their various digits and started sliding them around on the necks of their guitars.”

"Another Trip Through Of Mice and Men's Bleak Parable With Bonus Slide Guitar ...Inside the theater, a gray-haired musician named Reggie Miles played somber slide-guitar blues. With his denim overalls, straw hat, and white button-up shirt, sitting on a stage framed by a few pieces of burlap, the audience knew exactly where it was supposed to imagine itself—the country, specifically John Steinbeck country, California in 1930-something, ready for yet another trip through Of Mice and Men."

"Backed by blues music from Reggie Miles, whose resonator guitar and doleful vocals cast an appropriately downbeat spell..."

"One of the creative touches of the evening, which made this such a fantastic production, was the music by Reggie Miles, who played Folk/Blues Guitar before and during the show, which was absolutely authentic depression era music and underscored the performances dramatically."

"Veteran blues musician, storyteller and hand saw aficionado Reggie Miles (photo at left) headlines the art show with a two-hour performance Friday evening, 6 to 8 p.m. Miles is a popular singer/songwriter who has captivated audiences for years and has gained national attention for some of his topical compositions."

“REGGIE MILES IN CONCERT at the CHALET THEATER 2/10/13 The crowd got to hear a superb musician. Miles voice was clear, distinct and his guitar seeped into every fiber of the building. You got stories on his life, blues music, bottleneck slide, resonator guitars, making guitars from discarded items and how he wrote his songs. Miles opened with "Highway 51 Blues" a slide and story song that had the audience on the edge of their seats. When he finished, they exploded in a roar of hoots, hollers and applause. His "It's Not the Size of Your Slide", has great stop holds. The slow blues, "Love In Vain", was particularly haunting. Love his double meaning "Makin' Bacon" and the movement of "Mournin' Blues". The musical saw on the slow lovely, "Over the Rainbow" was superb. Miles played nineteen songs, closing with Robert OneMan Johnson's, "Life's Too Short". There was no song that Miles performed that was not an absolute gem or story that was not fun to hear and learn from. We did have fun! ”

“REGGIE MILES, BLUESBIRD, NR-021, CD-R "An absolute full bodied, dig down deep vocal and guitar... Miles growls, but the diction is solid and clear. The recording is clean. Miles' hesitations and pulse are a marvel and a trademark that distinguishes his work above most solo blues practitioners in the country... You can see those blue notes fall off Reggie Miles' hands... "Makin' Bacon" is a hoot... One of the most original interpretations of this classic blues gem. ...everyone has a great laugh with Miles' "It's The Slide Of Your Size"... Classic Miles having fun, but oh so musically... This was recorded live. Miles' very large persona does come through on recording much like it does on stage. He is a commensurate entertainer and skilled craftsman, particularly in the blues guitar, singing and harmonica that is delivered here live. For Blues lovers, it just doesn't get much better than this collection." Chris Lunn Ancient Victorys News Volume 5, Issue3 - Fall 2012”

“REGGIE MILES: LIVE AT THE MUSE, NR-020, CD-R "Miles mixes his superb writing with songs by Furry Lewis, OneMan Johnson, Cole Porter and Big Joe Williams... The words shoot off the CD clear and convincing... Miles has a way of pulling you into his performance, coming from years of working on the street at the Pike Place Market... He bites down on the tough life, with his lowdown and lost gutter blues. Miles has a way of delivering on despair, hollering against the world and being cut off... Playing Johnson-like slide... There is no lack of very solid music in a live performance venue that serves Miles particularly well. You catch the gravel and accuracy of his vocal style, the super guitar picking and slide work, and the harmonica playing. "Live At The Muse" is a stellar live collection that puts you there and grabs you in both the ups and the downs." Chris Lunn - Ancient Victorys News/Fall 2011 ”

“Reggie Miles is featured in Rob Tomsho’s story, “No Dough in the Do-Re-Mi, Songwriters Take On The Recession”. (The Wall Street Journal 2/6/09). Tomsho interviewed the Northwest songwriter about his new song and YouTube video, “Wall Street Bail Out Blues”. ”

“'She's Trouble'... Now, I am a HUGE blues fan, so reviewing good blues is always a pleasure! And this is good blues - I note from your page that you made your own 'Nobro' - (Great name BTW)! - and your acoustic sound is awesome. Sound-wise you're on a par with John Hammond - The song is pure blues, and it's delivered with the passion & integrity of some of the early blues men - You've developed the knack of making the drones on a six-string sound like a 12-string on the open parts of the one-chord - Excellent playing - Vocally I thought this was pretty close to Ry Cooder in terms of delivery, it's got more grit & gravel than his style. It also reminded me of something by Ben Harper - This is a really good blues. You're an accomplished player with a really good feel for the genre. The production is excellent! Next to Ben Harper, Eric Bibb, John Hammond (And Buddy Guy & Junior Wells Unplugged) I'd give it 7/10 but comparing with unsigned acts, a 9! David”

David - MySpace Music Review Group

“Reggie Miles: War Mongerin' Man NOBRO RECORDS 016 CD Miles is self-producing some of the finest series of CDs coming out of the Northwest. His voice is mature, strong and totally convincing. The words ring out clear and distinct... The title tune is convincing condemnation of our life... blues slide and harmonica lazily emphasizing with accuracy... The big expansive clean sound is all just him jumping out of the CD tracks. This is a comensurate singer songwriter recording with a heavy blues undertone. He mixes the Guthrie politics, with the distinct gravel of Tom Waits and all pulled in the blues direction. Reggie has performed and been tight with street people "Homeless Broke and Hungry." will tear at your insides. But he will pick you up out of the gutter on his upbeat "F-R-E-E" and all that word's connotations. Miles has developed into one of our finest writers and life interpreterss with a direct, clear strong presentation on a quality recording.”

Chris Lunn - Ancient Victorys News

“Fresh Picked NR - 013 CD-R 2006 Miles delivers 14 of his original tunes on the condition of humans, life, and the state of things political and personal. He is a major performer, highly animated, commensurate musician, delivers gravel throated vocals, plus guitar from finger pickin' to bottleneck. Also in performance he plays musical saw, among other instruments. I've enjoyed Miles for a couple of decades and watched him develop in one of our finest musical ambassadors. He can take a blues mood like in "Dream Come True" and have it hit your core. He can make you laugh at every day tripe like the labels of "F-R-E-E" where his ever-present sense of humor bubbles over. He's done Folklife, Bumbershoot, Festival of the Rivers in West Virginia, Monroe's Summer Fest and many more. He'll have your audience laughing, often at themselves. Reggie Miles as a performer, life observer and translator is about as good as it gets.”

Chris Lunn - Festival Directory