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“Oh my Lord in heaven, this is STAR QUALITY!! Wowwww, Mr Reggie MaGee, Absolutly Beautiful.. Look out, we have the next Luther Vandross here!! Superb!! You have my recommendation without hesitation!! God Bless you and keep you safe in this New Year! Bring em on my brother, i love it!! Blessings -Marie”

“Once in a while, a diamond appears out of nowhere...shining in the most unusual places. Reggie is an incredible diamond. His vocal technique, his warm and inviting voice and phrasing enhances the incredible material that he sings. As a composer, I am glad that I've had the opportunity to have heard this very talented man. Our Lord has blessed him. Great job Reggie!”

“Stand Up, the latest single from gospel singer Reggie Magee's debut album "Pressing On" showcases Magee's unique ability to fuse traditional gospel themes and vocal with distinctly urban beats and grooves makes this artist one worth listening to. In "Stand Up," Magee sings about the hardships everyone faces in life and how faith can blaze a path through the hardest times. "You've got to be strong," croons Magee, "and keep your head up to the sky." Faith is the prevailing theme in this, and most, of Magee's music and his distinctive and funky sensibility are truly special.”

““Vocally good...musically great...lyrically exceptional...harmoney & solo instrumental licks...excellent.””

"Pressing On" is a unique mix of funky urban grooves and straight ahead gospel love. Magee has a voice that is going to take the music industry by storm. His style is reminiscent of crooners like Jeffrey Osborne or Peabo Bryson, with a message of faith. This latest project represents an impressive urban contemporary style and a relevant Christian message. Magee sings passionately about his love for God and sends a clear message to anyone searching to find balance between everyday life and a life of faith. This CD is not one to be missed.

“Reggie is one of Skope magazine's "April 2010 Artists to watch"... Check out the interview on”

“Reggie, What a totally enjoyable project. From beginning to end was a pleasure to listen to. I had a difficult time deciding which tracks to go with. I settled for Pray, He Remains, Pressing On and the Bonus Mix of Patiently Waiting. I pray that God continue to use you as a vessel for His glory.”

“Hey Reggie... Just dropping by to let you know that "Tears" has generated 1 8-star rating on Synergy1Radio. ”

“Reggie was voted February top five vocalists of the month by SingersUniverse.”

“Recognized by SingersUniverse.com as one this months top five Vocalists.”