Refuse No Day / Press

“The opening band for the evening was Refuse No Day. Coming into this show, this was the band I knew the least about so I did not know what to expect. What I did witness was another OC based three piece band that can really kill it. Being the opening band is the toughest slot to play because the crowd is just starting to arrive, getting their drinks, and starting to "settle in". After having an empty floor for their first song, Refuse No Day did what every band in that situation needs to do; they encouraged everyone to get on the floor and get involved. Not everyone joined in the fun, but those who did were able to enjoy some great music by a up and coming band deserving of the attention. To see a portion of their live performance, click this link http://youtu.be/zgh3Z4Yp1EI.”

“While Refuse No Day (Los Angeles, CA) aren't quite sure what genre their music should be called, they have certainly succeded in producing a new rock sound. The band's guitarist Pete shares with us his thoughts on guitar gear and the band.”

“Q. How did the project come into existence? A. Richard had started a band which was basically a revolving door of musicians. I heard a demo and I was in. I loved it and thought it suited my style perfectly. Pete had just moved out from New Jersey and found us through a classified. His dirty American guitar sound and style really created that final element to define the identity of the band.”