Refrigerator Mother / Press

"Old school rock stylings but definitely not your typical cookie cutter rock band!This band is very unique, not a copycat band at all!"

Harper Magenta - Rock Festival Traveler

"Refrigerator Mother is the real deal in a world of manufactured, processed,and botox injected faux rock!"

Real McCoy - The Organic Rock Receptacle

"You ain't heard nothin' till you heard these bad asses Jam!" More musical balls than a mule kick to the teeth!!!

Amana Frigidaire - Mother's Diary

"Making Waves in the Lafayette, IN. Music scene, Refrigerator Mother will excite your Ear Drums with their classic 90's style hard rock!" "Original, Eye Popping, and Sensational!!!"

Dr. Floyd VonPinkston - The Maelstrom Gazette

"Hotter than an egg in a frying pan!"

Elvis P. - The Memphis Jargonian