Reform The Resistance / Press

“Jason Moncivaiz (vocals/guitar) from Reform the Resistance gives PWV his top ten favorite vocalists and guitar players. Check it out!”

“REFORM THE RESISTANCE is comprised of former Justifide members Jason Moncivaiz (vocals/guitar) and Sambo Moncivaiz (bass) of Phoenix, AZ and drummer Ryan Dugger (drums) of Nashville, TN.”

“There are times that I’d describe their sound as a heavier Mutemath, while other times I’d even draw comparisons to the Christian band Jars of Clay. There are a plethora of different sounds that come out of this album. Some songs leave you feeling soothed and relaxed, only to then pick up and resonant through you. It takes industrial rock turns mixed with indie rock sounding guitars like the ones you hear in Death Cab for Cutie. ”

"Filled with more twists than an Amish Pretzel and more mystery than a Hitchcock novel, RTR‘s The Truth Is Dangerous brings serious power and might to the table where the entrees all look alike and taste as bland as last week’s soup of the day!"

“Everything we write is from experience. We feel that one of the strongpoints of the album is the fact that someone out there can connect with any given song on a personal level, either because it’s something they have gone through or are currently going through.”

“Press Release: Reform The Resistance to Release New Album on Wuli Records”

“There's no questioning the passion these guys have for what they believe in, musically and spiritually. They choose the heavy direction with respect to both concepts and, more often than not, crank up the volume until it blows out the speakers.”