REE / Press

“Uplifting and deeply felt lyrics. Well written arrangement. It works. You have a unique sound that would appeal to many people. You sing with alot of feeling. Good blend on the mix. The production is professional sounding.”

“Simplistic, to the point, sung beautifully and performed with ease. Well recorded and mixed. Great effects and percussions. Sounded great on my heavy duty speakers. Mesmerised and keep writing your positive energy. ”

“Haunting trip hop straight out of Brighton, perfect to lay back and immerse yourself in during the wee small hours or on a chilled Sunday afternoon.”

“This one is a quiet stormer, with reflections of Morcheeba's and Dido's best bits, It's a fantastic track and Ree has taken it to the next level, with this enchanting melodic trip hop inspired track. One of our favourites at TPMA HQ.”

“I Love lamb and Portishead, Morcheeba etc and your style is very mysterious yet honest and open like those artists. Me and Danny think its very well produced and I love your lyrics”

“Beautiful...'More' is so soft and sweet...'Be Strong' is softly commanding...A real mood changer”

“It's real mellow and relaxing but it also keeps you interested”

“Wicked skillz. Respect”