Reed Ferguson / Press

"While classic rock lovers will delight in the covers sprinkled through her set list, it's Reed's original tunes that are sure to bring new rockers to the fold."

"Reed's writing skills are unexpected given her age. She has accelerated life experiences, with wisdom beyond her years, that she translates into amazing songs. Her stage presence and powerful voice were surprising. She impressed me."

Mike McVay--Cumulus Media Senior VP of Programming - not published

“Her rich soulfulness and smooth vocals bring a profound headiness to her music. Songs like “My Favorite Color” “One Way Road Back Home,” and “Wide Eyed Little Sly Guy” on her website show her diversity and the gradient in the spectrum of her work.”

“Reed Ferguson is a rare talent who has a voice that makes my heart smile. Get ready world. This is a singing sensation!”

B98.5 FM Morning host Vikke Locke - not published

"You better get this girl's autograph now! In the future it won't be so easy, she will be huge and she is such an excellent songwriter and singer that she made my 21 year old son cry! We all know that when you can create emotion that you have already succeeded."

Smokey Mountain Songwriter's Festival Band Playoff Director Ricki Landers - not published