Redwood Stills / Press

“Redwood Stills: The band you should see before they become famous!”

“I was most struck by the fact that the band’s original songs were intricate, diverse, and retained a common musical thread that defined the band and its artistry.”

“When they poeticize in "Red Ryder’s” bluesy rock that “She smashed my Gibson but forgot my gun/what a Red Ryder to do? Guess I’ll go downtown and have me a time or two...” their determination to keep on is not only metaphoric, it’s infectious.”

"Redwood Stills is a powerhouse of sound mixing blues, rock, modern folk, and even a bit of country. While I might compare them to popular bands in similar genres, they have a distinct style and appeal that is genuinely their own. The best part about these guys is that every time I see them, they are constantly evolving both as individual performers and as a collective sound!" --Presspassla.com

“I recently got to see them play a jam-packed house at ‘The House of Blues’ on Sunset Boulevard and I spent their entire set tapping my feet and moving in a way that might have suggested dance to a person with rhythm .”

“While everyone in attendance was onboard and having a great time, I was moved by what I can only call a determined and collaborative artistry--rarely found in today’s new bands.”

“They are storytellers, and very good ones thanks to strong poetic lyrics inlayed with soothing and sometimes haunting guitars and rhythm.”

“A rousing set of diverse bluesy-rock kept the expectant audience engaged. On that Hollywood night, Redwood Stills delivered.”