Red Velvet Crush / Press

"The song is quite impressive as it highlights the incredible vocals of Jillian Riscoe that carry such emotion and depth. Daniel Mendala is right along there with fierce guitars that compliment the vocals. It will definitely grab your attention and have you wanting more of Red Velvet Crush."

Marisol Pacheco Richardson - Music Junkie Press

““Red Velvet Crush has just released the EP CRYSTAL CLEAR and their pop sensibility is right in synch with their tendency to rock.””

Brian Lush - ROCKWiRED Magazine

"Red Velvet Crush makes unapologetic rock n roll. Taking direction from more radio-friendly late 90s and early aughts rock, the band does well to inject the form with a more contemporary sound. Red Velvet Crush’s vocal melodies stay stuck in your mind for days while their heavy riffs give their pop structures a brooding texture."

Brian Clifton - Mills Record Co blog

"If you seek hooky, strong rock anthems, look no further than KC’s own Red Velvet Crush. Fronted by veteran vocalist Jillian Riscoe, the young band has already received recognition around town (Riscoe won female vocalist of the year and the group won best acoustic performance of the year in the 2013 Project Backstage Midwest Rock Awards)."

"I am a sucker for a good rock song and a catchy hook. Those seem to be top priorities for Red Velvet Crush on its new EP Smoke and Mirrors."

"Glad you guys are gaining ground. Proud of you. Hard work pays off."

Adam Evolving, rock band

"One listen and you will be counting down the days to their EP release."

Deme Kopulos - The Hype Weekly

"If you consider yourself someone who catches onto rising stars before the rest of the world, then get familiar with Red Velvet Crush."

Deme Kopulos - The Hype Weekly

"All of their hard work in the past year (as Red Velvet Crush) has paid off. Their three nominations for best acoustic performance, female vocalist (of the year) and new artist of the year for the Project Backstage Midwest Rock Awards 2013 has been a defining year for Riscoe and Mendala who are currently working on their EP, set to release in April, with producer Dave Percefull of yellowDOGstudios in Austin, TX."

Deme Kopulos - The Hype Weekly

"In a time where everyone wants to be famous and lip synching is custom, you rarely find the raw talent that Jillian Riscoe, vocals and Daniel Mendala, guitar possess, along with a mission statement they live out, turning dreams into realities."

Deme Kopulos - The Hype Weekly

"Red Velvet Crush...A KC band worth bragging about."

Deme Kopulos - The Hype Weekly

"I have been following this (group) for awhile now and their progress in just a year is impressive to put it mildly. In a time when it's no longer necessary to have talent to be successful, it's refreshing to find a group with all the potential in the world and see where that takes them."

Deme Kopulos - The Hype Weekly

"I can’t wait to hear what they sound like along with the other songs with the full band. I’m very excited to hear the final recordings and for the album release...great vocals that harmonize so very well with the guitar. Jillian’s voice can go from soft sultry to powerful in the same song with ease...There is a lot of heart and soul in the lyrics and performance."

"You both work hard and are both so dedicated to making music. You two have a great dynamic when you perform."

Chris Payne - Red Velvet Crush friends and supporters

"For the nights highlights...Red Velvet Crush...played an acoustic performance that blew everybody away in the venue. Jillian’s vocals were dead on key and powerful and the music was not that of a normal acoustic show. The stage presence and ambiance that Red Velvet Crush put forth was nothing short of top-tier level entertainment."