red this ever / Press

“Red This Ever oozes with Depeche Mode melody. The lyrics—strangely soothing and catchy—are strewn with lover’s fury and rocker’s angst. But, for such angry lyrics, the band is quite friendly.”

“a feel that conjures memories of some of the stronger acts of the ’80s, but with a distinctly darker edge.”

Trubie Turner - Regen Magazine

“Red this ever bring a wide range of influences, from harder-edged industrial like Ministry and Skinny Puppy to the softer and more melodic sounds of Wolfsheim and Depeche Mode. With each band member contributing to the electronics, creating a collective sound that defies strict categorization.”

"If you’ve never listened to local band Red This Ever, then you are missing out on what is probably one of the hottest synth-rock acts in the Baltimore music scene..."

“Charm City's own Alternative Rockers Red This Ever plays shows just often enough for fans to savor their unique, delicious sound. Citing influences ranging from 80's Synth Pop such as Joy Division, New Order and Human League to Severed Heads and the Pixies”

“Red This Ever absolutely blew us away with their energetic guitar-fused synthpop. I have since kept a Red This Ever button on my purse”

“Synth rock stars Red This Ever are one of Baltimore's hottest hometown acts.”

“As a friend of the band, I found all sorts of excuses not to see them in case they sucked but when I finally saw them my first words after the show to them were "you guys really don't suck!"”

Anonymous friend of red this ever - Quote

“In a world of square pegs trying to fit into round holes red this ever are the triangular peg that fits!”

Will Penn - manager