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“Ok i don't say this much because i aint that big into rap..but your really good..my friend bought me a cd of yours for my late b-day an i liked it..so i guess ima fan now”

"My Future" by Red Stryke - For Red Stryke, there is no limit to what he can do, and there is no bar set to high for his vision of success. When opportunity knocks, Red Stryke always answers, he express that over graceful piano riffs and racing hi hats. It's not only about him though, in the 2nd verse R.S. writes a verse to motivate his peers to do better and not to give up on their dreams. This song is pure and with the soulful vocals of the singer, this song is complete.

“RedStryke, Darius Malloy, is a shy guy when he's around town but when he steps on stage, he transforms into a crowd pleaser. The Lakeland rapper has been gaining a following for his catchy beats and smooth lyrical delivery. Off the stage, RedStryke is constantly keeping in touch with fans and promoting his music through Facebook and Twitter. His latest album, "My Future," had a massive turnout from the Polk County hip-hop community for its release at Evolution Records in July. On Aug. 10, RedStryke will be performing at Club LAX in Orlando, opening for fellow hip-hop artists Trina and Tru Reality.”

“I gotta say its a honor to know that I made it on your album. Honestly its one of the realest n illest album I have heard so far this year. hit after hit and all the production by you. One day you will be on behind the music and they will say "My Future" was a classic keep grindin bro ur almost there - Money Makin D”

“The Hip-Hop community of Polk County came out to support the album release by Lakeland rapper RedStryke at Evolution Records in Lakeland, Thursday. An estimated crowed of 65 people were in attendance as RedStryke debuted “My Future” with a live performance by RedStryke and other local rap artist. RedStryke was all smiles after the show. “I’m still excited,” said RedStryke, whose real name is Darius Malloy. “I was excited before the show, I’m still excited. I’m glad everyone came out to support me. “It was a great show and great event.” As for Evolution Records, they were please with the turnout and the the show as a whole. “We’d love the hip-hop nights … I think it’s some of the most fun shows we have,” said Mark Holt, store manager at Evolution Records. Other rappers performing included Pryde!, MW, BlackGround and T.O. “My Future” features 18 tracks ranging from solo songs by RedStryke and collaborations with his cousins, MW and BlackGround. ”

“You have talent, you sound like a "real" artist. You know how some people rap or sing and record and you can tell they're amateurs? You don't sound like that at all your track my future is real nice. It sounds like it could be playin on the radio. u kno what im sayin? definitely gonna be downloadin some of your songs!”

Sonja Skelly - Facebook

“thank u 4 keepin hip hop alive homie”

Antavio T. O. Johnson - Facebook

“the more you make that amazing music the more ppl are going to love you... you already made it to the top hunnie.. and just know i support you and your music more than you”

Heather Nichole Haney - Facebook

“RedStryke a fresh and new breath of fresh air! I luv it!”

beyondwordz23 - ReverbNation

“Jennell Ray: Yea I remember those days in band class; tuba,,, piano percussion anything you had your hands on you dominated!!!! Yaaaay you, I got ya back homie!!!”

Jennell Ray - Facebook

“LOVE UR MUSIC REDSTRYKE!! KEEP DOIN UR THANG BRUH! dnt let anything thats breathing stop u!! i believe in u 2 tha fullest, much love ♥ :)”