Red Shaydez / Press

“As the music industry embarks on a new era of stars, rapstress Red Shaydez is destined to leave her own imprint in the game. Her versatility and dynamic stage presence puts the femcee in a league of her own. She is being hailed for her creativity and party anthems. Moreover, Red Shaydez has a work ethic that is unmatched and she has built a loyal and substantial fan base with in hometown of Boston and beyond. Her bars, hooks, and concepts set her apart from many other aspiring rappers. She has broad appeal to audiences in all demographics. Red Shaydez is the embodiment of true Hip Hop. She breathes life into tracks with a clever delivery and an equally clever mind-state. Red Shaydez was inspired by many great artists such as Aaliyah, Missy Elliot, Timbaland, and Nas. Her philosophy is “Be unorthodox. Live by your own standards.” Moreover, Red Shaydez has a work ethic that is unmatched and she has built a loyal and substantial fan base with in hometown of Boston and beyond.”

“Multi-talented is all I can say... Ur def gonna go far... Keep doing what u doing, & then strive 2 do even better... U gots this! lol =)”

“Hi I'm Terry and That was Great, I liked the back in the day remix alot! Lots of truth in it!!!! I ended up on your song sort by accident, but I enjoyed it like the original... thank you! your remix brought back some good memories... Tag was cool, I was more the hide and go seek person I think... Ha, Living color, Keenan & Kel, Rugrats, can't forget the Wayans brothers...That's cool we must've grew up around the same time, thats what I was watching too! You got a sweet voice too Thanks I enjoyed that! Hey I listened to some of your other music... Your real, straight up, and very truthful!!! and thats what I look for in good music! well...I like”

“but for real tho you sound better than alot of these so called rappers that get commercial rotation on BET, MTV and on the radio. You're biggest flaw is...your parents conceived you 20 years too late.”

“Red Shaydez has the voice the flow and the delivery to be a great artist in the music industry. She isn't trying to sell her body, she is selling her skills. Don't compare her with females, she's better than most males, just compare her to the MC's of Hip-Hop. PS: This is my first iTunes purchase ever. I'm real hard to please, but I enjoyed this.”

“aww maaannn!! i LOOOVE this, damn! couple days ago, i was yellin " i want the old game back" but now you got me yellin, "damn the game, WHERE SHAYDEZ AT!" ”

“yo I find myself listenin to your music after a hard day's work just coolin out. I hope y'all start marketing your art globally. You can tell when someone has it. Keep shinin, Ty454 ”

Ty454 - Youtube

“What a song! What a phenomenal song! From the rhymes to rhythm, "Let's Reflect" is the epitome of what music is all about! You are ground-breaking, Red! The best! "Let's Reflect" and your amazing "Take 1" mixtape are an example as to why the future, and the world, is your oyster! Keep doing what your doing, beautiful- because one day you are going to be painting the whole world Red! :)”

Mark Hastings - Youtube

“this is dope yo.....forget Nicki whats-her-name...you're on point.....deff.....you can kick any dude's a** on the mic...including me.....”

4muLAkonnekt - Youtube

“This is cool sis, seriously! At a time when people gravitate toward poppy material and stuff with no effort put into it, it's great when somebody goes against the grain...”

Quwa Davis - Professional Artist

“THIS IS WHAT IS NEEDED!!! Just found another group to add to my list of supreme lyricist. Real talk. KEEP THIS COMING LADIES. Peace & Balance”

“RED SHAYDEZ... always commin hard wit the flow, why hasnt this girl blown up yet?”

“dope, u killed this shit, someone need to sign this girl.. word”

“everytime you spit i be like damn homie this girls the truth! keep doin ya thang!”