Red Pete / Press

“Appearing like an audio cloudburst, the trio of Red Pete dropped this thunderous barrage on us over the summer. It’s just downright unapologetic rock, with pounding drums, thumping bass and growling guitars. Why the song “Killer Bees” isn’t an X96 or KRCL staple is bewildering. ”

“Local band Red Pete consists of three guys in their 30s who want nothing more than to make music for the sake of making music. The creators of "filthy fifth chords" have been making rock music for two years that is sure to appeal to the masses and according to the group, gets those in attendance up and dancing. Fun-loving personalities meshed with a desire to create good rock 'n' roll make for a Red Pete show that is sure to make music-maker-wannabes turn green with envy while simultaneously dancing along. (See full article at the attached link)”

“Wrapping up the month of July with three new releases of various tastes. And to kick off this set will be the brand new EP from Red Pete. Bordering somewhere between hard rock and near grunge riffs, Broken Love Machines shows promise from the band if they get it together for a full-length. Their main release "Airplanes & Cigarettes", along with "Killer Bees" have been getting some airplay on UtahFM, and its kind of a shame they're not hitting KRCL or any other station for that matter. Definitely one of the better EP's of the year. Check them out tonight at Mo's Bar & Grill, along with BearProof who will be helping out with the release. Just $5 with a complimentary CD upon entry, starting at 9:30. ”