“Devil horns all the way!! You guys fuckin rock!!!!”

Sin Cothran - Facebook

“You dudes are killin' it....”

Charlie Twente - Facebook

“Woo hoo! Makes getting through the week worth it!”

Wendy Collalti Schiavo - Facebook

“Rockin stuff right here...”

Charlie Twente - Facebook

“You guys kicked ass, great show”

Donald Anemone - Facebook

“Southern Metal at it's finest!!!”

Chris Don Cavey - Facebook

“f@@kn awesome guys!”

Paul Licato - Facebook

“Just listened to guys for the first time here. You guys fucking rock!”

Steve Knight - Facebook

“You guys are kickn some ass at the Sports Edge in Titusville! Great job! Luv ya!”

Tonia Ahern Threlkeld - Facebook

“Ya'll by far were the best band there last night! Even better than Saliva I beileve!!!!”

Monica Strader - Facebook

“You Kicked total ass .. seen you all before a while back and its been awesome each time , Thanks again for doing what you do ..”

Bill Maynard - Noteworthy Music Corp.

“Great show last night! My wife and I loved the set you played! Two new fans here! Thanks for allowing me to play your music on my radio show!”

James Cripps - Rock Gator Radio