Red Light Cameras / Press

"It’s only a matter of time before their infectious hooks and bouncing beats have you tapping your foot and singing along."

“A kickass set...this killed, perfectly in synch with frontwoman Amanda’s powerhouse voice. Drummer Kristen was slamming it out and Barney and Chris were rocking. This is what I was waiting for. Well done! If this is the direction in which they’re heading, I’ll buy a GPS and set it to where they’re playing next.”

“harder indie sound that matches singer Amanda Machon’s powerhouse voice.”

“Catchy melodies with amazing vocals by Amanda, she is like listening to what Tina Turner and Janis Joplin would have produced if they ever had a kid together.”

“This band is built for speed, so no red light cameras — or any other photographic deterrents, for that matter – will ever slow them down. And that’s just the way it ought to be.”

"stomping-rock outfit currently taking the city by storm...Red Light Cameras has garnered a massive local following in an incredibly short period of time. "

"Don’t run any red lights on your way to the show"

"Red Light Camera getting us all riled up with their style of rock soul." "The bands energy is a mixture of great vocals and high energy from the great four piece band who you can tell are genuinely having a great time playing together."

“When Machon spits out the lyrics to “Why,” over a guitar riff that somehow meshes Seeds with surf sonics, it’s an aural breath of fresh air for anyone dulled by the glossy radio hits regularly turned out by Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.”

“Fast becoming the ones to watch with tracks like “Juice” and “Convertible”.”

“There’s something intriguing and enjoyable about a female-fronted rock band, such as this one.”

“They have tons of energy and sound great folks. Check 'em out!”

“This band puts on one of the best live performances ... Their lead singer has a voice that will melt your perfect little life. Amanda’s sound ranges from the powerful vocals of Gossip (See: Convertible) to the softer sound of Cat Power (See: Home).”

“Machon can sound like a cool Debra Harry one moment, and then a toughened hard rocker, like Pat Benatar, the next.”