Red Hush / Press

“Although Red Hush and I are as different as night and day, on and off the stage, and in mostly every other way, I have to say that their music and vocals are some of the most awesome music and vocals I have ever heard! Somebody major, should sign them, quick!”

“Brilliant mix and great songs. Well delivered, powerful vocals! Big ups from us in Australia! All the Best.”

“Love the guitar and feel of Smoke A Little Freedom. Nice to hear some old fashioned screams too!!! Great work.”

“Absolutely love the the funky rockin' sound of 'Smoke A Little Freedom' super groove on the song and perfect rock vocals. - Klint, Tony & Dom - TPK”

“Back for more music !!”

“Kick ass Rock n' Roll!!! The way Rock is supposed to sound!”

“You guys have talent for sure”

“There is some serious music going on here. Rock on guys..love it:) Your bassist is awesome!! Well all you guys are awesome”

“Loving the old school metal Keep rocking \m/”

“Poweful stuff- love to see you live sometime!”

“A real American Rock band throwin it down! Everybody Scream is a great tune!”