“Back their Kickstarter. Save humanity! http://redhotrebellion.com/kickstarter”

“Single-handedly trying to bring back gritty and gripping hard rock to Dayton Ohio, and all parts worldwide, is Red Hot Rebellion. Self-releasing their debut, this power trio blends classic hard rock with garage and punk rock, and maybe a touch of blues. The sound is stripped down and raw. It bristles with energy and bravado, without comprising sound melody, clever hooks, and edgy fret work. Essentially, this is bar room 'rawk,' largely developed from the waist down, and neatly packaged in CD, red or clear vinyl, or digital form (and you get a comic book with the first two). Strongest tracks include Wait and See (disgruntled workers unite), Built to Rock (it's not about the band), Devil's Rope (quite catchy, but possibly a tad repetitious), and Cooking With Gas (note the harmonica at the start). Red Hot's debut is solid stuff, good fundamental American hard rock, good for tapping a keg or starting a fight. Recommended.”

“This shit is SUPER good!”

Satan - Devil Music Quartley

“Album News! Our debut album is almost done. We have one more recording session with the best audio engineer/producer this side of the Mississippi, Chris Suttle, at In The Red Recording Studio on August 27. The album is being mixed and mastered by Stephen Egerton (guitarist of DESCENDENTS & ALL) -- we have already received some test mixes and they are STELLAR! The final product is sure to knock your socks off. We don't have a release date set yet, but we know it will be released on CD, 180 gm clear red vinyl LP, and all digital formats in Winter 2011. The CD and vinyl will come with comic book written by Jim Tramontana and illustrated by Peter Wonsowski.”

The Devil - RedHotRebllion

“The members of Dayton, Ohio’s Red Hot Rebellion are true believers in the power of garage-rock, and their music – a feisty blend of thick power chords, steady-eddy bass and propulsive drumming – reflects this belief to a tee. “For The Benefit of Evil” finds bassist/singer Jimmy Thrillwell professing his love for “that evil feeling” in his soul, while the band pounds out a simple, three-chord blitzkrieg behind him. The instruments, true to the garage aesthetic, sound like they were recorded in a musty basement – a slight distortion is audible in the vocals, and there’s a palpable dirtiness in the music. But this only enhances the band’s credibility as true troubadors of garage-inspired rock ‘n’ roll.”

“RED HOT REBELLION has come together in Dayton OH with a singular goal: to return rock n roll to its loud, fast, unpretentious, and reckless roots. By combining elements of blues, punk, garage, and classic rock, RED HOT REBELLION creates a familiar yet refreshing sound that appeals to multiple generations of rock fans from 14 to 64. They believe music is more important than fashion. That intensity is more exciting than whining about break ups and heartache. That a Les Paul and a Marshall half-stack can rattle your bones and shake your blood. These ingredients all mix together in a powerful audio cocktail they call The Sound Track To A Bar Fight. RED HOT REBELLION recently licensed a studio song to MTV`s Nitro Circus and recorded a five-song live EP called Alive At The Murderbunker. No Pro-tools tricks, no AutoTune, just rock n roll. ”

“Red Hot Rebellion claims that its sound is the soundtrack to a bar fight. After a listen, it seems that this band knows what it’s dishing out. It really does sound like the music could be playing while a good old fashioned barroom brawl is getting rowdy in the background. Video idea, perhaps? The Dayton, Ohio, band recently licensed one of its songs to MTV’s “Nitro Circus,” and the sound is reminiscent of Danzig. We bet you’ll be able to feel the rock in your chest. The boys must know who they’re dealing with in Northside, because they warn that “the intensity is more exciting than whining about breakups and heartache.” Hipsters, turn those frowns upside down and get ready to rock.”

“RHR licenses "Wait and See" to MTV's Nitro Circus”