Red Gator / Press

"Tight Flow!"

Myke Dawg - Reverbnation Comments

"Welcome 2 Da Swamp is my favourite. Very good production indeed. "

Silvio Puzzolu - Reverbnation

"Red Gator ... On Fiya!"

"Great to hear good music! You're an inspiration... keep doin what you're doin. It's appreciated. Be Blessed!"

"Durty (World)" is on point spitting about things that are real and a person cant help but to give you props on that we our your fans."

"Dear wonderful friend, Excellent work! Very very cool and impressive! Absolutely love your vibe* Peace & Love* Ryo,"

Ryo Utasato - Reverb Comments

"red gator = awesome" Comment on Thursday

Adrian Dee - Comments

"love the grimey realness of your work #inspired"

" I enjoyed my visit to your site. Fantastic tracks and wishing you only the best. Justin Langston Midland, TX."

"whats good? showing luv and support, enjoying the energy on the tracks. keep doing ya thang and making heavy music moves. peace and blessings"


"original style ~ positive vibes"

“FINALLY some real talent up in this bitch. Nice work fam! Always a fan of good music. Just showing support. Id value your opinion on my music as well. Check it out! Stay Motivated!”

TWENTY MILL - reverbnation.com

“yoo im feelin your creations! i had to hit the fan button. keep doin ur thing!!!! PRIME ”

PRIME - Reverbnation.com

"Excellent music!"

nicholas.craig - Reverbnation

"Skills lyrics vibe!!!what more than a great combination!!!!you blazing brother!!!!!blaze it!"

“Refreshing to hear original music with intense life experience as influence.. much respect family you are amazing! Best regard Sean”

“my brother @RedGator504 is cleaving mics in twain down there in my second home. can't w8 til i'm there permanently... ”

“pretty dam hot I must say especially the last few bars had a nice throwback feel to it ”

“@ @RedGator504 keep em comin we need that type shit ”

“@RedGator504 I like that durty world faded homie mos def something that needed to be addressed ”

"post dat master of the universe track on your page,u went hard "

djtee4 - www.youtube.com

“I only listned cuz ISK spazzed out on you & YouthNasyA singled out "Shine" , oh, & cuz Chem Ali tried to slobber on your nutz! Decent track , not my lane , but good effort. Good Luck with your future endeavors”

“keep on shining”

“Although I must admit, GatorLA music ain't half bad. Reminds of the old school N.O. flow, back when P and them was running the game”

"YEah that was what I was jamming. That Shine go harder than that one to me. I don't advocate the excessive spamming LOL but I got a spot in my rotation for this shit."

“Diggin that track Shine homie...nice work!”